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How many calories are in Alcoholic Beverages?

Choose any food and see calorie counts, nutrition information, carbs, fat and more.
All Foods > Beverages >    

 Bacardi cocktail
 Black Russian
 Bloody Mary
 Bourbon and soda
 Coquito, Puerto Rican (coconut, rum)
 Cordial or liqueur
 Eggnog, alcoholic
 Frozen daiquiri
 Fruit punch, alcoholic
 Fuzzy Navel
 Gin Rickey
 Gin and Tonic
 Gin fizz
 Gold Cadillac
 Grain alcohol
 High ball
 Irish Coffee
 Liqueur with cream
 Long Island iced tea
 Mai Tai
 Mint julep
 Mixed Drinks (for recipe modifications)
 Old fashioned
 Pina Colada
 Rum and cola
 Rum cooler
 Rum, hot buttered
 Sangria, Puerto Rican style
 Singapore Sling
 Sloe gin fizz
 Tequila Sunrise
 Tom Collins
 Whiskey sour
 White Russian
 Wine cooler
 Wine spritzer