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Carpet sweeping, sweeping floors
Carrying groceries upstairs
Child care; sitting/kneeling-dressing, bathing, grooming, feeding, occasional lifting of child-light effort
Child care; standing-dressing, bathing, grooming, feeding, occasional lifting of child-light effort
Cleaning house or cabin, general
Cleaning, heavy or major (e.g. wash car, wash windows, mop, clean garage), vigorous effort
Cleaning, light (dusting, straightening up, vacuuming, changing linen, carrying out trash), moderate effort
Cooking or food preparation - walking
Cooking or food preparation-standing or sitting or in general (not broken into stand/walk components)
Food shopping, with grocery cart
Implied standing-laundry, fold or hang clothes, put clothes in washer or dryer, packing suitcase
Implied walking-putting away clothes, gathering clothes to pack, putting away laundry
Implied walking-putting away household items-moderate effort
Making bed
Maple syruping/sugar bushing (including carrying buckets, carrying wood)
Moving furniture, household
Moving household items upstairs, carrying boxes or furniture
Moving household items, carrying boxes
Putting away groceries (e.g., carrying groceries, shopping without a grocery cart)
Scrubbing floors, on hands and knees
Serving food, setting table-implied walking or standing
Sitting, knitting, sewing, light wrapping (presents)
Sitting-playing with child(ren)-vigorous
Standing-light (pumping gas, change light bulb, etc)
Standing-packing/unpacking boxes, occasional lifting of household items, light moderate effort
Standing-playing with child(ren)-light
Standing-shopping (non-grocery shopping)
Sweeping garage, sidewalk or outside of house
Walk/run-playing with children-moderate
Walk/run-playing with children-vigorous
Walking-light, noncleaning (ready to leave, shut/lock doors, close windows, etc.)
Walking-shopping (non-grocery shopping)
Wash dishes