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Bicycling, stationary, 100 W, light effort
Bicycling, stationary, 150 W, moderate effort
Bicycling, stationary, 200 W, vigorous effort
Bicycling, stationary, 250 W, very vigorous effort
Bicycling, stationary, 50 W, very light effort
Bicycling, stationary, general
Calisthenics (e.g. push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups), heavy, vigorous effort
Calisthenics home exercise, light or moderate effort, general, going up & down from floor
Circuit training, general
Health club exercise, general
Rowing, stationary ergomoeter, general
Rowing, stationary, 100 W, moderate effort
Rowing, stationary, 150 W, vigorous effort
Rowing, stationary, 200 W, very vigorous effort
Rowing, stationary, 50 W, light effort
Ski machine, general
Stair-treadmill ergometer, general
Stretching, hatha yoga
Teaching aerobic exercise class
Water aerobics, water calisthenics
Weight lifting (free weight, nautilus, or universal-type), power lifting or body building, vigorous effort
Weight lifting (free, nautilus or universal-type) light or moderate effort, light workout, general
Whirlpool, sitting