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FitDay is...

...a new tool to help you achieve your nutrition, weight loss, diet & fitness goals.

Imagine a food journal, calorie counter, exercise log, weight loss tracker, and nutrition facts book all rolled into one. Combine that with powerful analysis and graphical reporting. Now make it free, easy, personalized, and accessible anywhere using the web. That's FitDay!

Got goals?

Whatever your personal goals, FitDay provides the daily feedback you need to stay on track.

weight loss

  • calorie counter
  • fat, protein, and carbohydrate intakes
  • metabolism & exercise calorie expenditure
  • weight loss tracking
  • weight loss goals and progress reports
  • caloric balance reports
good nutrition
  • food nutrition facts for any food
  • daily nutritional intakes
  • audit of personal RDAs
  • long term nutritional analysis
  • quick reference to Dietary Guidelines for Americans
peak fitness
  • exercise log
  • mileage/distance tracking
  • calorie expenditures
  • metabolism breakdown
  • analyze and graph mileage/distance

How it works

Login daily and enter your foods, activities, and weight (if it has changed).

By analyzing what you enter, FitDay generates detailed graphical reports on...

  • calories
  • fat, carbohydrates, and protein intakes
  • nutritional analysis
  • exercise and metabolism calorie expenditure
  • weight loss progress
  • personal goals
  • long-term diet & fitness trends
  • and much more!
FitDay takes the guesswork out of your daily diet & fitness management. And best yet, its quick, easy, and completely free.