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reynawilldothis 07-28-2013 12:28 AM

HCJ injections
Hello everyone!!!
My names is reyna and I started my journey July 18, 2013.
I just wanted to know if any one is on the HCG injections... if so I woulld love to know how its going and if its helping you out. I will be taking my first short on Monday and I am very excited.
I currently weight 206 and my goal weight is 150.
Thanks n god bless

chanralei 07-28-2013 12:58 AM

I wish you luck....I'm at 202 after a week (down from 205) I had a bad reaction to trying this made me unable to sleep a bit moody. Staying away from diet soda, substituting black or pekoe teas (unsweetened ice or with splenda) and adding L Carnitine back to my supplements has really helped...I take 500 mg 2-3 times day *not L acetyl carnitine* the other one...and I was successful before adding this amino acid.

Also I have added a green drink (I juice myself) once a day...It really helps me with energy and I feel good in general eating it. The only 'sweet things' I add to it are a granny smith apple juiced and half a lemon, then some ginger...yummy)

B complex is a must for me, and an occasional b12 shot or a b6 tab if I'm retaining fluid also helps with energy...and a low sugar protein drink daily.

I had a "relapse" in gaining weight while sick and needing major that I'm recovering I'm determined to get back down to 175 which is a really good weight for me...most people think I way 150 or 160 at that weight as I have a lot of muscle and bone mass.

Hope this helps! I wish you much success!

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