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farahb7 05-09-2010 03:08 AM

i'd like the answer to this question too, i know almeeker mentioned she is small frame as well, much the same as i am. my normal weight range shows to be between 94 to 128 lbs, but thinking of 94 lbs make me feel sick! i honestly don't want to lose my curves, but again, maye when i get to 125, which is my goal, i should re-evaluate my weight as well?:confused:
i think if i lose too much, people have to use a magnifying glass to find me, and i don't like that!

wannabefitgrl 05-09-2010 01:15 PM

Maybe I'm getting too caught up in other peoples' goals...I'm 5'7" with a medium-ish build so BMI charts put me between 120 and 155 (roughly). I'm currently just a hair under 155 (which puts me at a proper BMI as well!). So maybe 120 might be a bit extreme for me. I take it 5-10 pounds at a time, so I'm just working on getting down to 150 and then I'll re-evaluate. I think I just like my goals to feel achievable and I'm scared to set the bar too high. Or maybe I just like the rush of meeting my mini-goals. Either way, it's working for me and best of luck to all the other goal-setters. (Although I'm still curious to see what almeeker has to say.)

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