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anderson02 04-29-2010 08:31 PM

Make Exercise Part of Your Day
I know everyone has probably heard the whole "schedule time for exercise" bit. While I don't schedule my workout like a meeting I very much make it part of my day. I prefer to think of it as just as much part of my morning routine as brushing my teeth.

I was trying to workout in the evenings but found that after a day of work I was often too tired or just had other things that I felt like I had to do instead. Then there was the whole taking 2 showers a day that seemed like a real pain in the butt.

My solution, I changed my schedule so I go into work a little later. Now instead of getting up and heading straight for the shower I hit the treadmill. Since I workout at home there's no getting ready to go somewhere; the cat is the only one up and he doesn't care about my mismatched outfit or crooked ponytail.

I walk for 40 minutes each morning M-F. I get to watch the news to see what's going on in the world and get the day’s weather. There are a lot of benefits for me personally to working out first thing in the morning. For one thing I am half asleep when I start so the first 10 minutes are a breeze! :D I have no real excuse to miss a work out; if I dragged my tired butt out of bed I might as well get on the treadmill. I make better food choices during the day because I don't want to negate my efforts. I am also a bit more awake and feel better about the day overall cause I did have a positive start to it. Finally my evenings are free to take care of other things without the guilt that I am skipping my workout to do so.

kiss04bam 04-30-2010 02:10 PM

I completely agree with you! Only I have to do my workouts in the evening, because there is no where to do it in the morning.
I did a heck of a workout yesterday evening:Did 20 mins upper body (10 lb slimdown) and about an hour and a half on my DDR Wii game.

almeeker 04-30-2010 02:32 PM

I hear you, morning is the only time I can get a workout in. We have 3 kids and I watch a couple more, so I have to get it done before the kids get up. Otherwise I would be interrupted constantly and never get a good burn going. It always cracks me up when people say they don't have time for a workout. I always ask "So what are you doing at 5:00am?". I get a lot of weird looks when I tell them I get up that early to hop on the elliptical.

cjohnson728 04-30-2010 02:43 PM

I'm more of an afternoon/evening exerciser. I'm more alert, have more energy, and put more into it. Sometimes I will go in the morning, but often I'm up till 12:30 or 1, as I work on reports after my son goes to sleep. So a 5 AM session would be impossible for me!

Every month I print out a blank calendar and fill in the days with what I plan to do, one week ahead. I stick it on the fridge. It holds me accountable and I also make sure that I have a good balance of cardio, strength, and intensity.

I'm finally at the point where I think of it as "me" time instead of just something I have to do, and the only conditions for interrupting are fire, choking, or blood!

zahut 04-30-2010 07:20 PM

I have tried the 4:30am workouts, but the evenings seem to work better for me. I have become ADDICTED to the stair machine at the gym. I am up to an hour/800 calories and I love it!

anderson02 04-30-2010 08:56 PM

I am happy to see all of you finding a way to fit exercise into part of your day (mornings, afternoons, or evenings)! Keep up the good work. :cool:

cjohnson728 04-30-2010 09:27 PM

Evening is the time when I am most prone to snack, so if I have a good hard workout then, it not only prevents me from going and grabbing something, it makes me more likely to have a healthy, protein-rich snack afterward.

montanacricket 04-30-2010 09:58 PM

I can't exercise much in the evening beyond yard or house work. I don't sleep if I don't stop before 6 p.m.

So I get up around 4:40 a.m. (have only had the alarm go off once in 3 weeks since I started) and walk on the treadmill for an hour, or do a 1/2 hour walk and 30 minutes of weight training, or use the Wii Fit for the other 1/2 of the hour.

I don't have any excuses (yard work, housework, kids' activities, dinner to make, etc.) and I'm really more of a morning person by habit anyway.

Lizzycritter 05-01-2010 12:36 AM

I already have to be up at 5 am on workdays, and I am NOT a morning person by nature. I get home between 5:30 and 6, by the time everyone's fed, bathed and cuddled, it's easily 8 pm and I'm whipped. Thankfully my work counts as exercise;)...because it just ain't gonna happen on a workday. Monday and Wednesday I get two chances to hit the gym: on my way back from dropping my daughter off at school, or when my son goes down for his nap. He stays down a good 2 hours, and dad's home sleeping so I can turn on the baby monitor and sneak away. Dad works nights. I should get a 3rd hour in on Saturday but it's sooo tempting to sleep in after 2 work days, and I can't sneak out when my daughter's home. I've tried dvd's at home, but the constant interruptions leave me more frazzled than energized. I also have a don't interrupt me unless you're bleeding or something is on fire rule, but that usually ends in a temper tantrum and a cranky toddler who got woken up due to said tantrum. So I skip Saturdays more than I should. I'm trying to get outside with the kids more, if the weather cooperates. I need to till up my tomato patch, that'll be a good upper body workout.

NessaSonic 05-01-2010 04:06 PM

I don't have to be in at work until 8:30, so waking up at 5:20 every day gives me a chance to get in a 50 minute workout, make lunch, a quick breakfast, get ready, and clean up the apartment a bit before heading out to catch the T. It makes me feel in control for the rest of the day. I tend to eat better this way too, because I know I've already put in so much effort to lose weight and shape up earlier in the day, and I don't want to change that by poor eating choices :)

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