How often do you step on the scale?

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Thumbs up Scale

I usually try to weigh myself only one day a week, usually on Monday. I find myself not being so stressed out about my weight loss on a daily basis. I keep my food journal with me everywhere I go, and I make reasonable choices regarding snacks. I treat myself about one per month for achieving my weight loss goal. My rewqards are never food based, but for me they are motivators to keep going. They are usually music for my I-pod or new clothing. Be patient with yourself as we didn't gain the weight overnight, and it won't come off overnight. Keep up the good work!
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Default Weekly (oh, and every day, twice a day)

OK, it seems that a lot of people have answered the same as me. It does not bother me to be up a few/ down a few on a daily basis as long as over the week or two I'm down. If it bothers you and you get frustrated, then maybe you SHOULD do just once a week or less. I like the constant data and I understand that it's not perfectly accurate but I'm OK with that. It's a personal thing, really. Stress isn't good, so if it bothers you PERSONALLY, then do it less! Good luck. Be strong. It WILL WORK if you do the math. ~DrToonz
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Wow congrats on your weightloss! I have already lost 50lbs but hope to lost 70lbs. I started close to your start weight. I have a tendency towards weighing myself compulsively. It got bad last week where I would weight myself several times a day on different scales and measure myself several times a week as well.

Now I just do every other day and just use one scale that's fairly consistent (so I don't jump on and off hoping for a lower number). I also measure my natural weight, hips, butt, and thighs about once every two weeks. That seems to be a good system because you know where you are at but it not an all consuming thing. If you are going to weigh yourself everyday (or twice a day), I would put it into Fitday's weight graphs and just look at the overall trend for the week. I drink 64-80 oz of water a day, so I weigh myself in the morning and at least I know that I'm not just losing water weight.

Lastly, I don't know your age or your activity level, but I think 1200-1500 calories is far too low. Unless this was advised by a doctor or nutritionist, I would recommend you eat at least 1500-1800 calories (approx 1000 calorie less than what you burn) but with a good portion of protein and healthy carbs and fats. You don't want your body to just harvest your muscles. Plus if you are planning to stop dieting when you reach your goal weight and start eating a lot more calories, your weight is going to shoot up quickly.

I made the mistake last time of eating too few calories and as soon as I became less vigilant about what I was eating, I gained all the weight back and then some in the span of a year (90lbs). Now I am eating approx 2000 calories a day as well as exercising almost everyday. I have constantly lost 1-3lbs a week.

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Smile weekly weigh ins

I used to do the exact same thing, in fact im guilty to stepping on 3 times a day! I think the extra weight you put 'put on' is just the weight of the food inside you, just dont worry. try when you wake up in the morning to 'cleanse out your system' before you eat with green tea or just plain water, it also helps to get extra fluids into you.
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WYDOK, Your start weight is my exact start weight! I'd love to visit, but don't know how to contact personally. Have many questions for you regarding you & your great success.
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I like to weigh in daily. I find that if I gain, it's all the more motivation to 'do better' today. If I have lost...I know what I am doing is working.

It's when the scale doesn't move for long periods of time that make it difficult, or when it goes out of whack that one time each month.
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Default yes scales are the bain of life!

i find the scales the biggest disheartener, Ive bought a digital I and am now obssessing over quarter and half pounds!!madness. i started at christmas but only found out about this yesterday at work. Ive lost 5pounds since the 7th and also enjoyed a diet free week end away and the break from the scales was the best ha
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Default weighing in objectively

Whether weighing in daily or weekly, it's important that we look at the number with some objectivity and not beat ourselves up over inevitable fluctuations.

Overnight weight gain or loss is usually from increased carb and/or sodium intake, both of which retain water within your body.

Obectively, if your scale reads 1.5 pounds more than it did yesterday, it's not likely that 1) you took in 5,250 extra calories, or that 2) your body turned them into fat overnight.

When I weigh every day, I take the week's worth of numbers and average them. Then I look at the trend (on average) from week to week. That seems to help me. It might help you, too.
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Default USe Body Fat, not weight

Manage your body fat, not your weight and you will be successful!

A Guide to Body Fat Percentage
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Default Scale obsession

I was never obsessed with the scale. That's probably why I never joined Weight Watchers. I never believed in weighing yourself weekly. That's why I do it monthly after the first initial weigh in week. And, I look for a 5 pound loss for the month. That's pretty reasonable. And, if you are scale obsessed, you are not realizing that if you didn't lose weight, you probably lost inches. So measure yourself - this is more accurate than the scale. Oh, and one more thing. Scale obsession can lead to being depressed and possibly enticing you off your program. It can also make you think that you have failed. Even if you had a bad eating day, don't dispair. Stay away from the scale, cause even if you did gain, it's just temporary and will go away with your continued effort of eating properly and exercising.
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