Need to lose over 100 pounds and need help doing so!

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Default Need to lose over 100 pounds and need help doing so!

Hey all,

I am a 33 yr old female, 5'6 weighting 250.50 pounds. My end goal is to get to 140 since my range is 155-124. I have a big build so I think 124 is rediculous for me.

I am so tired of caring around this extra weight and seeing the scales go up everytime I get on them. I am scared because I can not afford to get any bigger.

I am not good at diets but I am trying. I have been on all sorts of diets even Berstein so my metabolism is probably shot.

I will need any help I can get regarding the food part since I am working out 5 days a week on my lunch for 45 mins now.

I look forward to hearing about you,
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Hi! Well, I'm no expert but I think you should stop watching the scale. First, because watching your weight is probably stressing you out and, while exercise relieves stress, people are more likely to gain weight when they're stressed or feeling any type of negative emotion really. Secondly, you're probably going to gain weight before you lose it because muscle weighs more than fat.
Which moves us on to working out. Women don't naturally gain bulky muscle, so no worries about looking like a body builder. Muscle is very important, because your metabolism will speed up as you gain it. And it will also give you a nice toned look, which is what separates...exotic dancers from regular skinny people.
As for food, don't diet! Diets are hard to stick to, usually not meant to be long term, and just no fun in general. What's more important is making sure you get what you need. If you're used to eating a lot, dieting may also hurt your progress. If you eat more, your body is used to getting more. Cutting it off suddenly will send your body into starvation mode and your body will hoard everything it gets instead.

Sorry about that. I'm not trying to be a know it all I just tend to want to share everything I know, and I'm starting to turn into an encyclopedia. lol
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Hello, christineval, welcome to the forum. There is a thread under the "womens only corner" for those of us trying to lose 100+ pounds. You might want to check it out, we're very supportive and help each other out pretty much daily.
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Hi and welcome to Fitday's community. I had over 100 pounds to lose and have 66 pounds to go to reach my goal weight and know that when getting started it seems like this monumental task. It is doable & is being done by several of us here on Fitday. I want to suggest the same thing that Almeeker just did - to join our Fabulous 100 pound Club thread in the Women's Corner. You'll get lots of support & inspiration there.
As far as the food goes, by tracking what you eat on Fitday you'll be able to see if certain foods cause weight loss, weight stalling or weight gain & find the right amount of calories that keep your metabolism going while you lose as well as balance your nutrients. You can also keep track of calories burned vs calories eaten to know when you need to bump up your exercise. Personally I find that daily exercise, eating 1200 cals a day, lots of veggies & lean protein, & hardly any starch, helps me the most. I can relate to doing a lot of different diets & having the resulting yo-yo dieting slow metabolism. It's really a bummer isn't it? With everything I'm doing I'm losing an average of 1 pound a week and would love for it to be more, but it is what it is and I'm keeping it off & learning new habits & ways to maintain this momentum for life. What I've learned from being on a dozen or more diets, losing weight then gaining it back, is that I needed to find a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable for life & to get out of the mindset of the quick fix or a diet simply b/c those didn't work for me in the long run. Obviously the diets works fine for some ppl, I just couldn't maintain them. The lifestyle changes I've mentioned have been working for me & having said that I want to ad that everyone is different and has to find what works best for them. I wish you the very best and know that you'll achieve your goal if you find what works the best for you. Take care & I hope to hear more about your journey here on Fitday.
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Thanks so much to all of you and I will go check out womens corner!
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