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rubyseventyfour 10-30-2012 08:45 AM

Soup kickstarter
Ever heard of the Soup Diet? Well it's not really a diet, cause I don't like to "diet", But it's a great starter to kickstart the wieght loss process. My sister and I both done it, it started it all off, and now im 30 kgs lighter. Best thing about it , is it isnt a lifetime thing that you have to stay on, just a couple of weeks, and then you follow on by eating good foods. do your reading up on healthy foods to eat after the soup.. :) Im going to try and dig the " diet" up, so if anyone wants a copy, id be happy to email, Dm it to them. :)

Kathy13118 10-30-2012 05:23 PM

Is this the soup diet where you make the basic soup and then add various ingredients during the week? This basic recipe?
All-You-Can-Eat Soup Diet Basic Recipe - Good Housekeeping

One of Weight Watchers' mainstays is its vegetable soup, which you can eat when you are hungry and it adds very few calories. So many Weight Watchers swear by that soup!

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