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jackiechristiansen 08-07-2012 07:26 PM

Support, Coaching, Tips, and more - all free
Hi fellow fit day members,

I just put together a free 60-Day Weight Loss Challenge beginning last Sunday (August 5th) for my friends and facebook community and you are welcome to join for the support, coaching, daily tips, diet, shopping list and more. We have a weekly Sunday night call where everyone checks in and I offer coaching and answer questions. We even have a facebook group for daily support, to share tips, etc.

I'm a weight loss expert, certified nutritionist, and personal trainer and have used fit day now for 6 years - whenever I go on a diet to drop extra body fat.

Feel free to contact me and I'll invite you to the Challenge.

You can check out my website and the 60-Day Weight Loss Challenge at: Weight Loss Management


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