Need to reduce belly fat

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Thanks so much. You have done really well ... I am so confused with all the advice but I'm determined to shift some weight working on the thought that if I eat well and in smaller volumes and drag my dogs around the block each day ... Something should pay off!!
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Originally Posted by Lisa.Dalton View Post
Thanks so much. You have done really well ... I am so confused with all the advice but I'm determined to shift some weight working on the thought that if I eat well and in smaller volumes and drag my dogs around the block each day ... Something should pay off!!
Just take it one step at a time. I've found that logging my intake really was an eye opener. Not only did it help me get a handle on my calories, it helped me pinpoint some of my worst diet habits.
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Evening and morning walk is a best way to reduce belly fat, even it will reduce the overall body fat and helps the people to keep fit body.
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Post Truth Six Pack Abs Created by Mike Geary

Want to know the secret of six pack abs? The truth is that there is no secret. Here's how to get six pack abs in six simple steps.

1 - Diet Right
2 - Exercise Right
3 - Cardio Workout
4 - Lower Appetite
5 - Eat Right
6 - Abs Exercise

Diet Right
Trust me, you already have abdominal muscles. They're just hidden under a layer of fat. Your first step to getting that sexy, ripped look is to eat less. Concentrate first on reducing snacking and when you do snack, eat high-fiber crunchy foods such as carrots or protein bars.

By eating fewer calories each day than your body needs, you force your system to start metabolizing stored energy sources, one of which is fat. However, your body defaults to burning easier energy sources first such as glucose (sugar) and simple proteins.

That's where Steps 2 and 3 come in.

Exercise Right
You have to exercise the right way to get your body to burn stored fat. That's the only way you'll get rid of that layer of stubborn abdominal fat.

Start with a good all-around exercise program designed to strengthen your major muscle groups. You can do simple exercises at home without any special equipment. Remember gym class where pushups, sit-ups, squats, toe touches and running in place were part of the regular routine?

Establish a regular routine of these every morning. Even 15 minutes will be a big help. Don't overdo it in the beginning. Gradually increase the intensity of your workout and you are much more likely to stick with it.

Cardio Workout
To kick your body into the fat burning zone, you've got to include a variety of cardio workouts. Once you're in reasonably good shape, start doing things that increase your heart rate for a 10 to 15 minute period.

Avoid doing things with a steady rhythm like walking on a treadmill or jogging. Your body quickly learns to ignore these as requiring fat burning and uses other stored energy sources instead.

Instead, do things like jumping rope, play in pickup basketball games, jump on a stair climber, or use a rowing machine that varies the pace and strength required in different segments of the workout.

Running wind sprints burns way more fat than jogging, so don't be lazy with your cardio workouts.

Lower Appetite
The best way to lose weight is to reduce your appetite. You have to be careful with appetite suppressants though, as some place unusual stress on your body.

Avoid supplements that include stimulants like ephedra or ephedrine as these can cause rapid heartbeat and other unpleasant side effects.

Stick with natural products like Hoodia that curb your desire for food without stressing out your body.

Eat Right
Eating right is critical to burning fat. The best foods to eat are high-fiber products like oatmeal, steamed vegetables, fruits, and raw vegetables.

These negative calorie foods often require more energy to process than they provide. Plus, their high-fiber content cleanses your body and inhibits absorption of fat and cholesterol.

Since your body relentlessly cycles fluids, always drink plenty of water to maintain proper hydration levels.

Abs Exercise
Once you've gotten your diet and exercise program well underway, then add some exercises specific to your abs. Start with leg lifts for overall slimming, then add oblique crunches to sharply define the rib cage transition area.

Doing these while resting your lower back on an exercise ball intensifies the workout and involves additional core muscle groups. Avoid overstressing these muscles in the beginning. Instead, work to gradually include using weights to increase the intensity of your abs workout over time.

As with any other diet and exercise regimen, there are no overnight results. You spent years building up that layer of abdominal fat. Getting rid of it will take some time and effort.

Make a commitment to reach your desired goal and follow these six simple steps. And that's how to get six pack abs!
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This is more a response to anyone truly interested in losing fat. First, it starts with 90% Proper Diet, 10% Exercise. Second, you need to adapt the mind set that food is a drug. Specific Macronutrients stimulate and prompt specific responses when eaten. Typically, any one who is overweight has 2 problems:
1. They consume too much food daily
2. They consume too many carbs daily.
Your body will naturally burn carbs for energy before burning fat. The quickest way to change this is to limit carb intake while increasing protein and fats (don't forget your veggies 4-5 servings daily). This will allow your body to deplete its stores of glycogen, enter ketosis and begin burning fat for energy. This approach has the added advantage of stopping the body from converting excess carbs to fat and then storing that fat. If you are interested in learning more about this topic, I suggest the following resources:
TNT Diet (low carb approach to weight loss)
Better than Steriods (Nutrient Timing)

There is a ton of science on this....
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Default How to Get Six Pack Abs

It will take dedication, time and patience to get a six pack. You need to do two things: lose fat and build muscle. You get this by dieting and exercising consistently. You can have the most toned and muscular abs, but it will not show if there is a layer of fat over them. This article will discuss ways in which you can accomplish both of these goals.

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Default Need to reduce belly fat

7 tips to reduce belly fat
1. Interval training. 2. Donít skip meals. 3. Skip the sweets. 4. Increase vitamin C. 5. Boost intake of healthy fats. 6. Sleep. 7. Relax.
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Post Regular Excersice

Try to do regular workout and drink more water. Its an pinpoint idea to reduce weight your extra weight.
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With the correct diet and exercise center or exercise plan, you can get a six pack regardless of whether you think this is incomprehensible. And it is also important to know about the foods to avoid for know more about this topic please search "Know About Some Foods To Avoid For Abs" on google.
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Do kick boxing on a punching bag
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