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Melissafit79 03-16-2010 08:03 AM

Healthy losing weight for everyone
Hallo everyone,
My name is Melissa. Browsing this forum arround I wanted to offer simple advice for everyone who has problems with weight and wants to lose it on safe,healthy way. I got that tip from my fitness instructor and it is working.
You now that internet is full of products that are promising 5kg in a week and stuff like that. Even that is true it surtenly isn't healthy and in most cases can be very harmfull. You can use some help, from nature ofcourse, but later about that. My advice is so simple and if you just try, it will become your lifestyle. You will be more healthier and satissfied with your self. Main thing is no skiping meals, just a little will and selfcontrol(not overeat). Here it is:
1.Breakfast - Have it soon as you get up.(it shoud be not after 8, supposing you are working)
2.Lunch - 4-5 hours after breakfast (it should be healthy, both proteins and carbon hidrates-NOT FAST FOOD)
3.You should eat some fruits(because of vitamins and minerals your body needs) It is like a sneck between lunch and diner.
4.Diner- not after 18 o'clock.(it should be mostly proteins if not just proteines(fish is great, or find some other source of proteins)
5. Do not eat enything until morning.
Drink more water than usual.
It is that simple in basic. Just be persistant and do not expact overnight weight loss. Many of my students who I told were satisfied. You will just feel healthier.
You can make things go little faster, and this is just my suggestion. You can drink Slimtea 2-3 times a day. It is herbal tea from small company called Teateateas. It is not expansive like other that are promising overnight weight loss. They are not promising they are offering help and that is fair. I am using it even I don't want loose weight, it is just helthy and helps me take out bad things from my body. I will write about their other teas in other post, becouse I think they are great. Teas are gift from nature, you must discover it.
That is from me.
I realy hope this is going to be usefull for someone.
Wish you all succsess and persistance!

glenn1978 03-16-2010 11:42 AM

More important then when you eat, is how much you eat. Make sure that you know what your daily caloric needs are and maintaining a calorie deficit. You could perfectly time your overeating and still not lose weight.

Melissafit79 03-17-2010 07:40 AM

Of course that most important thing is not to overeat. I wrote it, I just didn't bold it.
And yes, you can count calories, there is whole science about weight loss and people are taking money on it, but my intention was to give simple advice, for healthy way, that can be usefull for everyone. Not exact times, but basic that can be used.

PaulJohans 03-17-2010 08:57 AM

Hi Melissa, I must apsolutly agree with your tip. Unlike Glen I red your whole post and I find it very helpfull, especialy in the sea of those who just want to sell a tip.
I agree with idea of using herbal tea in diet program, it has many benefits. Teas in general are very helpfull and usable, but many of us don't know that.
I tried teas from Teateateas and my favorite is Immunitea, great taste and very helpfull with flu and cold. My girl friends are using Slimtea with diets and they are very sattisfied.
Good luck to all!!!

glenn1978 03-17-2010 06:45 PM

wow thanks guys...sorry if my 2 cents rubbed you the wrong way...

1. I did read the post...all is says is don't overeat. If you look at what I said, I was adding to that and fleshing out that it is important to focus on a caloric deficit.

2. If spreading your eating out like that works for you that is awesome. I just wanted to spell out that you really need to be conscience of what you are putting in your maw.....I found this out when I started getting serious with my diet and started tracking my food intake. I was by no means overeating, however the "everyday" foods I was eating were putting me over my BMR.

3. I love anecdotes, but there are diets out their that preach the exact opposite of what you are suggesting. I understand that you are just suggesting a diet that works for you. I am sure it will work for others in that the spacing you are suggesting will definately control hunger between meals. But again if you are not eating below your BMR then the timing of your eating means nothing.

I meant no disrespect to the original poster. Sorry to upset you guys. Press on with what you are doing and enjoy life....peace...

lemonthyme 03-21-2010 04:14 PM

Eat fruit and root veggies with meals if you have concerns about raising your blood sugar. I try to always have some sort of protein when I have fruit. Either I eat the fruit as part of a meal or with a smalll portion of nuts like 1TBS. I count and record the calories so I don't end up over calories for the day.

spanishblueyes 03-21-2010 11:37 PM

I want to add too that WHAT you eat is important too. Especially in how you feel with your energy levels and general well bieng. You will feel alot better on 1700 calories(just tossed out for an example, caloric needs are individual) of clean whole foods than prepackaged diet foods that may not have alot of nutritional value. Not saying all packaged foods are bad and that you should never have them. Just that a diet full of them on a daily basis is not healthy and can leave you feeling tired all the time.

Maldeena 03-26-2010 11:22 AM

Hey, thanks Melissa, great advice. So simple and so truth. People are wasing time and money on pils, and other harmfull things. they spend their brain out counting calories, eating in minut right....
Just a healthy lifestyle!!! That's right!
I like teas also and belive in their power. and nature in general.

jonr71 03-26-2010 01:03 PM

I would like to bring to everyone's attention a strange trend happening on the internet - it's called the Melissa effect:

Here's how it works:

A person called Melissa, Melissa79 or Melissafit79 (a 34 year old fitness instructor) has been posting since january this year on a large number of fitness websites: here is a list.. feb) (9th feb) (3rd feb) (3rd feb)
lossweight.vsvs (9th feb)

This is the general pattern of events. Melissa will either begin a new thread stating her profession, her fitness tips and finishing off with her personal recommendation to use slimtea from Melissa is generally supported by a person called, Marina, Mika, Milka (a female sounding name starting with M and ending in A). This person will back up the claims made by Melissa. In some cases Milka/Mika will speak first and then Melissa will come in with her fitness tips.

In 2 cases ( and Melissa was challenged by moderators to provide proof of her claims for the benefits of one of the teas she likes to push. In neither case does Melissa provide any defence - she goes away.

In one case Milka/Mika states how the tea helps her "friend" to expel water to manage weight. This is exactly the same claim made by Maldeena (oooh it begins with an M and ends with an A...) on a separate thread here called "I discovered these great teas".

In all cases listed above Melissa and M....A have joined the site within days of one another and posted nothing but pro comments.

On this site Melissafit79 and Maldeena joined the site within days of each other (March 16th and 18th I think) and have posted nothing but comments promoting

Please do everything you can to make these 2 new members feel welcome.

PaulJohans 03-26-2010 02:33 PM

I have your attention and all I have to say is: so what?
''a female sounding name starting with M and ending in A'' ,man this sounds paranoic. Let's find them and hang them on some public place. I joinded some forums and I saw similar posts from some person called Melissa, sometimes she mentioned those teas and in some post she didn't. So what?
I found her tip usefull and couraging for people who want to do it healthy way, with - or without tea. Main idea is healthy diet with early brakfast, without eating close to sleep time, without overeating and with consuming more water. Tea is not important at all. That is a good tip! I saw other people supporting her idea also.

Oh yeah, maybe I am some men starting with M and ending with A. Dough my name is Paul.

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