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staceyalberta 03-02-2010 11:06 PM

Want to cheat try writing....
Took this idea from a thread on here somewhere but for the life of me I canít remember. Been feeling blah & down last few days due to pms sigh. Some months itís worse than others for moods & this seems to be on of those months. I want well sugar & carbsÖlol. So Iím at work took my notebook & started writing. Heading started with I want candyÖlol. Then I listed all the reasons I want it. Or felt that I wanted it & as usual it all boils down to feelings. Which makes sense, as Iím an emotional eater. Once I got all my reasons of why I wanted it out on paper I then wrote reasons why I shouldnít. took all of maybe 5 mins of quick writing, but it HELPED!!!! I didnít cave. I focused myself. Seeing it in writing that I wasnít hungry just feeling blah was like an ahhhh ha moment. Who knows it might work for others too.

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