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aea2798 10-20-2011 10:50 PM

Some tips I have found that help
Hey all, a couple of tips I have found that help me.
Water-when you have a craving drinking a nice cold bottle. Making yourself drink a glass of water before sitting down to a meal. I find smoking helps with cravings (but as we all know, it isn't healthy:(.
Another thing is eggs-I love them, boiled eggs and if you just eat an egg white it is only 17 calories. This makes for a great snack when you just feel like eating something small (provided you like eggs of course).
Also fish are filling and low calorie (I just wish they weren't so expensive!)
Pickles are also great for those mid day times or when you just feel like eating. Pickles have no calories in them, I love the spicy mexican ones, and it may be a myth but I have heard spicy food boosts your metabolism.
Also when you have a salad instead of using dressing put one cheese slice in and some egg whites and salt. I love the way this tastes.
Everyones probably heard this one, but not eating after 6pm is a great habit to start.
Don't be afraid of being hungry! I also like to plan my meal times, (with no/low calorie snacks in between) so that way, you know you have to eat breakfast by 8, but can't eat lunch until 12/1. On crazy days this is hard to upkeep but if you can it is helpful to avoid eating-and eating again!
Cutting alcohol out of my diet was one of my BEST decisions. I am someone who loves to have cheese and crackers with wine or after drinking a couple beers suddenly decide to eat everything in sight because-what does it matter?
Also, go to bed. The later you stay up, the more likely you will get hungry again and eat something you shouldn't. Besides sleep is good for you!
Hmm weekends are still a tough spot for me, as are special occasions. Anyone have advice for those?
Also right now I am on a self-created ECA stack. It is great and really helps before a workout, plus I definitely feel like it boosts my metabolism and it really helps repressing hunger.
And the sauna really helps. I've been doing it after workouts lately. My husband lost weight (and kept it off!) by sitting crazy sauna times (30 minutes at a time every night). Still I have heard all you lose in the sauna is water weight-but he really did lose the weight and keep it off, so I have decided to try it on occasion. I still can't last more then ten minutes in there though! My husband has a back injury and can't workout so that was all he could do to lose weight. He didn't even tweak his diet much. Lucky!

VitoVino 10-20-2011 11:35 PM

Great tips, aea2798, and welcome to FitDay!

You've got a lot of really good, proven strategies in there. Do you have any advice on supplements, like fish oil?

I've just discovered how eating sweet potatoes, microwaved, topped with fat free sour cream can be a really good "diet food". And it is low on the Glycemic Index.

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