When you're upset

  • What do you guys do when you have some upsetting news and your whole body is screaming for some chocolate or something? I know this is a psychological craving - and I'll feel even worse if I give in. But dang it - I want some chocolate, or pie, or a cookie...
  • Working out helps, so does logging on to fitday or sometimes knitting works. Other times I just cave and have a little piece of chocolate, dark and nibble it slowly letting each bit melt on your tongue. I also love a sugar free pudding cup, 60-80 calories depending on the brand and they hit the spot rather often. You might also try a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese. I can't say why the LC works to calm a craving, but it does.
  • Comedy
    I try to find some good comedy videos on YouTube (or elsewhere). Jeff Dunham, Ventriloquist is good for me.
  • Thanks for the suggestions. Looking for comedy to change the feelings is really good. I'll have to try that.

    - Jane
  • I think a little bit of chocolate is good, but as it talking to a friend or having someone who can just make you laugh and help take you out of the mood x
  • What helps me...
    Getting out and taking a short walk helps me when I'm at work.
    I also find that if I eat something crunchy, like a crisp apple or some air popped popcorn, that it eases the tension.
    Talking to a friend on the phone helps alot too!
  • Upset?No ,if we don't think what make us upset,we won't feel upset.

  • There's some really good suggestions here. I'm an emotional eater and also a mental health professional. Finding an alternative behavior is definitely a good idea (I crochet because if my hands are busy then I can't be eating... but of course working out would be better ). However, a LITTLE BIT of DARK chocolate is also alright. It is full of antioxidants and releases endorphins. It's much better than having that candy bar, pie, or cookie. Keeping yourself from feeling deprived and treating yourself to a candle-lit bubble bath, a nice smelling candle, some 'me time', a hot tub or massage would be good. We're trying to comfort ourselves so we just need some other way of doing it.
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    What do you guys do when you have some upsetting news
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