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mrsgoob 09-20-2011 11:26 AM

New eating plan
Hi all -- I've just begun (in the last week) increasing my protein and reducing my carbs. It's something my NP suggested as way to lose weight but also to feel more energetic. I've dealt with some injuries lately but usually exercise 7 days/week....I lift weights about 5 days/week, cardio the other two.

I'm wondering if any of you follow that as an eating lifestyle and how it has worked for you? I think it's very similar to the Zone diet though I haven't researched that much.
Thanks, Beth

almeeker 09-20-2011 11:47 AM

I've had people tell me that what I'm doing is similar to South Beach, or the Zone, and others say it's Weight Watchers. I have no idea about all that, mostly I count calories on fitday and make sure at least 25% of my calories come from protein. I limit my grain based carbs, but not my veggies (which are also carbs). I also work out 5-6 days/week, but I usually go for 75 minutes, so it works out to 6-7 hours/week total, and that helps me to average a calorie deficit of about 3,500 calories/week. It works well enough as long as I don't cheat.

mrsgoob 09-20-2011 12:12 PM

Well -- from the looks of your stats, it's working for you! Congrats and thanks for your thoughts. I don't exercise nearly that long....only 45-60 minutes.

TrainersRoom 09-27-2011 06:41 AM

good diet plan
For making our good diet plan it is very much essential to have a good diet plan too, for this we have to keep in mind our diet program so don't ever use to skip your meals have your meal in a right diet and try to do yoga and exercise on a regular basis which will lead to a balance body.

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