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maggs809 09-04-2011 12:06 PM

Need Help Planing menu
Hi, I really need help with a menu or a meal plan. I just started solid foods after so long I don't know where to start. Does anyone have a meal plan or menu that I could follow. I really need a plan to follow. I don't see the nut until October. So, please help and if you could send me or tell me where I can find a menu plan for a week so I can follow that.
I would really appreciate this.
thanks so much.

VitoVino 09-04-2011 04:08 PM

First things first
I recommend you just start logging your foods, everything that you eat, using FitDay. It's impossible to help you with any nutritional information without more information, something to go on.

TrainersRoom 10-20-2011 04:45 AM

weight loss
The best meal plan for the weight loss is that do not try to skip your any meal. Also, use to have a fruits and green vegetables in your daily routine. It will surely help you a lot.

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