How much are you going to lose?

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I found when I wanted to lose weight I had to change my diet and started kettle bells. One month later after a diet of mostly eggs and exercise class three times a week, I lost 16lbs.
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In general advice, I am happy you people are very concerned w.r.t you body. But when it comes to weight loss people usually follow crash diet and browse internet videos for the same. Here you go off the track.

First thing when we talk about weight loss is how much to shred.
Second thing is the diet
Third is the time period

and for all this things you need to hire and fitness expert and a nutritionist. Do not decide on your own. I have seen many of my clients say we followed this diet that diet from internet followed this video but nothing seems to be working. The simple reason is every individual has got different body structure and the things available on the internet is in general. It helps many and back fires to many. Do not blindly follow any fitness channel on internet, Your body requirement may be different from the one on internet.

A fitness trainer and nutritionist will help you and guide you on right path. They will create a plan for you which will work 100%.

I hope you shred some and look fit. My wishes to each and everyone. Kudos
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I am 210 lbs now and my target is 160. Hope I will achieve this soon.
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help me to lose weight
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Hey, Guys, I have recently got into the hack of weight loss And I am following a particular routine with a basic discipline following a one-hour workout session in which 20 is consist of running.
The routine that is suggested by me from my fitness trainer is like-
And for you, if you want to get a routine for yourself or want to get connected with fitness trainers for free then you would check this app- 100MPH , from play store
so the routine that I was talking about for myself to lose 30 kgs in 6 months -
Drink Lots of Water

All those studies you have heard about and all those rumors about benefits about drinking water? Yes, all of them are true! After all we humans are more than half water. Water is life sustaining and is a must for the proper functioning of our body and will act as a relief from most ailments related to skin, hair or to your digestive system. If you often forget to drink water, there are umpteen number of cool apps on the App store to send you reminders to keep a check on it for you.

Sleep Right

Catching a few snoozes is not just a great way to relax, but even a must, you have to, absolutely sleep for at the least six hours a day for your body to function in a healthy manner. A great way to catch up on some rest and relaxation is to not set an alarm on weekends and take proper rest. An early to bed and early to riseí philosophy might be just the thing you need to complete your chores with a balanced state of mind rather than on a caffeine high.

Healthy Breakfast, Light Dinner

Most old sayings truly are pearls of wisdom. A heavy breakfast goes a long way in making you ready for the day and a light dinner is exactly what your body needs for it to get the most nutrients and yet rest as you sleep. In general, your breakfast should be your biggest meal of the day, followed by lunch in small quantity and dinner in even smaller measures. A healthy breakfast usually includes a glass of milk, banana, eggs, whole wheat bread, poha, porridge, oats, other cereals, sprouts or fruits in cream.


Yes, we all can be lazy at times but, itís easy to start if you want.A brisk walk or a light jog every day is just about enough to keep you healthy and on your toes, if one is regular. You can also try a few light exercises at home with proper precaution. But donít be too harsh on yourself and instead the age old adage of Ďslow and steady wins the raceí is definitely true when it comes to working out. Once youíve mastered the basics, move on to advanced training. It also helps to find a friend to go with as that keeps you motivated.


buddha-buddhism-statue-religion-46177.jpegMeditating is the best thing to incorporate in your life for a healthier and peaceful outlook. In todayís time as we become more and more anxious, stressed and maybe even frustrated, meditating for just five minutes every day can make a huge difference in your patience level and the way you react to stimulus. This does not require any training or equipment. Just relax, close your eyes, clear your mind and donít forget to breathe.Simple meditation can be done when you are on the go, in a car, on the bus, or even at work and instead of checking your phones.


Detox is as important as sleeping.. Taking the edge off once is a while may be fine, but donít forget to detox after. Alcohol, coffee, nicotine, refined sugars, and saturated fats, act as toxins in the body and take time to flush out of the system. You can detox by drinking lemon juice, green tea, or fasting for a day. Famous detox diets are Simple Fruit and Veggie Detox, Smoothie Cleanse, Juice Cleanse, Sugar Detox and Hypoallergenic Detox.

Many of these are things we know we should do but often forget. Once you start practicing you will find it easy to keep it going.. A few simple ways can actually make a world of a difference. Donít we all want to stay healthy? That is the biggest motivation you have and that is all that you need!
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I need to lose about 35lbs, just to improve my health issues, so i'm going to hang on in there and do what I gotta do
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Hello all!!
I started off 2 years back, when i weighed around 90 kgs, but now after joining a gym near me i have reduced around 40 kgs in 2 years!! yaay!

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Congratulations! That's inspiring!
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From 127KG to 100.
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from 52kg to 46kg
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