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yunalee 03-12-2011 02:55 PM

30 Day No Fast Food Challenge
hey guys i want to do this challenge of having no fast food for 30 days. Snice for me my big problem with losing weigh is eatting out, and when i eat out picking fatty pasta or a huge burger, etc.

So i want to kick fast food for 30 days. no wendy's, mcdonalds, no pizza, no donuts if i get coffee.

and if i have to go out during this time (dinner with family or something) try to pick the healthiest thing they got, like a salad or a chicken wrap.

i know this will be tough for me but i want to try it.

if anyone else wants to join me go ahead i could use the support.

mecompco 03-12-2011 03:04 PM

Well, I no longer make fast food a habit, but I'll gladly support you!

Let's see, since last May I have had two McDoubles (both nasty) and, IIRC, two Egg McMuffins (both pretty good). No fries, no shakes, no pies, no Big Macs, no 20 piece nuggets, you get the picture. Oh, I have had, probably two cups of chili from Wendy's and perhaps a "single" burger once.

This is a far, far cry from my old daily runs to Mickey D's!

There ARE some choices that while not particulary healthy, aren't THAT bad in moderation but I agree that most FF joints should be avoided whenever possible.


RunbikeSki 03-12-2011 04:07 PM

I am totally with you. But like Michael, I haven't had much fast food in over a year. But here's a bit of my experience. Once you get through the withdrawls (and you know how truly addictive the stuff is) and eat mostly real food, you will probably find that you don't really like the taste anymore.

It will take some will power to walk on by for a while. But I know you can do it! And once you get through your 30 days, don't look back! This may be the second best decision in your life (the first was to getting a grip on your diet and fitness in the first place).

Although I still like a good burger now and then, I much rather fix one at home. The last one I had a couple of months ago from Carls Jr just didn't taste very good. And pizza is much the same way. We make a [email protected]$$ pizza at home with all real ingredients (no artificial "cheese-food"). So it's not like you are forbidden from those foods for ever and ever. You are just upgrading your tastes to food that really tastes good!

Now go turn your cute little nose up at all that yucky fast food (I want to feel the attitude!)- you know you can do it!


Skiboy1 03-12-2011 04:18 PM

I am in. I have not been in a fast food place since 1/22/11 but the Big Mac calls. Especially at 2 am after a Saturday night in the bar with my girl friend, Jack Daniels, Live Rock and Roll, and dancing my butt off. Count on it. Let's post when we are tempted and how/what we did to overcome!

yunalee 03-12-2011 05:27 PM

i think the hardest thing for me when it comes to fast food is when i'm in my studio around lunch time, and if i haven't eatten yet and i see classmates walk by with fast food is when i crave it the most.

one of my fav fast food meals would be wendy's double baconator with a small fries. i have one last week and i can feel that it's not as tastey anymore and almost feels like too much food.

the other thing thats hard is living alone so most things a make are ment to be for more than one person so i can tend to over eat in those ways too. like i made soup and the left overs would be 7 more bowls of soup left so i frooze most of it. wasn't the best soup i've made could of not used the noodles (that pretty much ruined it)

but i'll probably make soup again this coming week so i'll have enough for awhile.

RunbikeSki 03-12-2011 07:20 PM

A good reason to save Wendy's for special occasions only:

Dbl baconator + fries = 1260 calories, 75g fat (2.6 oz or almost 1/5 of a pound).

But you probably already knew that!
Besides, you are smarter than your classmates noshing of all that fat and salt.

Lots of us live alone, either literally or virtually (like those with roommates who don't really interact with the roommates.) It is, indeed, really easy to over eat because the recipes are for 4 or 6 servings, but many can be cut down to single servings so you don't make as much in the first place. An other option is to start relying on foods that don't matter as much if you over eat like big salads with some tuna or chicken for protein, and low calorie dressing. Even if you eat a double serving, you are not likely to blow your calorie budget by too much. Big veggie portions.. who cares if you eat 2 cups of green beans instead of 1.

You get the picture! ;)

Kumochi 03-12-2011 08:49 PM

I wish I could join you however this month would not be a good idea. I'm off to vegas for a week April 1st and while I plan on keeping active and eating well there will be a lot of meals eaten out.

Stopping the drive through habit was one of my most important changes. I eat lunch at my office 95 percent of the time. I prefer eating in to going out so picking up someting was a habit. I now brown bag it most days and keep emergency food at the office as well. I often take a salad with a left over chicken breast and some low calorie bread. I have found a Rye Bread and a Pumpernikel bread that have 65 calories per slice and taste good and are a real sized slice. Great for sandwiches without too many calories.

I live alone as well and agree too many things are 4 servings. I use pudding cups to avoid having to eat 4 servings in 2 days -- which always happens if I make my own dessert.

Good luck. It is well worth kicking the fast food habit and there are lots of great alternatives. keep us posted. Mary

yunalee 03-12-2011 09:12 PM

yeah now i'm going to borrow my parents laptop till mine is fixed so i'll be able to keep posted and maybe even be able to count cals again, i have done it in so long

ginette905 03-12-2011 11:31 PM

Free Personalized Meal Plans, Easy Recipes & Local Groceries | SOS Cuisine - check this website for cooking for one and you will also get your nutritional information for the recipe you are making. If you start making some of these recipes, you'll never want fast food again. Good Luck.

wannabefitgrl 03-13-2011 01:12 AM

I hardly ever get fast food, but to tackle that problem of eating out in general...I find it's helpful to have a place in mind or make a suggestion of where to go. If it's a place you're familiar with and know the menu, you can make a plan ahead of time on what you'll order. If it's a new place, look online for a menu and pick out some healthy options. I find it's a lot easier to avoid temptation and spur of the moment unhealthy choices when I plan ahead.

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