Your weakness

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Anything deep fried!!!
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While in NYC... Pizza, salads loaded with cerignola olives and Italian ricotta cheesecake which is healthier than regular cheesecake and IMO taste better! When I am here I eat A LOT! But I walk and run everywhere so I usually maintain/lose.

While in VaBeach...FroYo and red grapes! But I get less exercise because I can't walk everywhere.

Alcohol in both. Being single it's all social drinking and I can fit it in to my macros most of the time. I gave up the hard lemonade/wine cooler type drinks when I found out one bottle has more than 50 carbs!
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For me its pizza. I can cut out booze no biggie and junk food is easy too but pizza will make me lose it and I have to have it haha. I let myself chow it down once to twice a month otherwise it becomes a habit for me.
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i stated before Mcd fries, but i love the Peach tea from Sonic as well.
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Tomato juice. I can drink a whole bottle in a matter of hours. Hot sauce is another biggie for me and since I don't eat meat I usually have to make falafel to eat with it. Ice cream and black olives are also high on my list.
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Default Your weakness

Eating off my kids plates... and Night Munchies!
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Default Weakness

Gummy candy. Not chocolate, but Haribo gummy bears. I've been off site for awhile, and have been craving those like mad. Fixated might be a better word for it.
Anyone know of a good food substitute for that chewy sugary fix?
I started on those when I was at a normal weight and quit smoking 11 months ago. Ended up replacing one bad with another. Now I'm mad enough about the weight I've gained to want to change it, and far enough down the non-smoker road that it's time to get the rest of me healthy.
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My weakness is potato chips. Which really sucks because that is what my company makes. You would think I would be sick of them. I have baked chips once in a while but not all the time like before.
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One word... Poutine

Oh golden French Fries, drowning in gravy, clinging to melted cheese curds, I will save thee... just jump on my fork... trust me

I love carbs and salt... pasta and potato chips are at the top of my list - right below poutine.

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I'm with Patti. Salt and Vinegar potato chips. Or second place, ripple chips with dip. I could eat a whole big bag. But I don't. I haven't had any chips in a while. Ahhh. Maybe I'll have to plan for a cheat day soon. Hmmmmmmmm. Chipppppppsssssss.
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