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Christmas cookies! I can be a "cookie snob" the whole rest of the year (don't waste my calories on store-bought ones) but can't control myself during December.
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I didn't think I had a food weakness until yesterday.

I have to say it is homemade.

There are a lot of foods that I cannot even consider having if they are purchased from the store and many I just don't like, but it seems homemade has me weakened.

I made homemade butter tarts and although the next time I make them, I will reduce the fat content, this will make them no less of a sugary, fatty treat.

I can think of several other foods that are hard to resist when homemade.

Sourdough Bread
Graham Flour Muffins
Lemon Merangue Pie
Ice Cream
Sweet Mixed Pickles
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I have many weakness's. I love to eat out so much. It is painful going day after day without going out and getting a burger or asian or indian. I love vegan burgers and a side of curly fries! I don't know what to eat that will fill this craving.

Another weakness is alcohol. It's harder to break. I've gone about 48 hours without drinking a sip, but tonight I don't think it will be possible not to drink. I once went 6 months without drinking, but then I started up again. Wow, the way I wrote that makes it sound like a problem...but it isn't.
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I succumbed to my weakness ... but boy that pizza tasted good.
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This time of year my weakness is Cabury's Creme Eggs. I bought a four pack on Saturday and ate my first one last night. I gave the hubby one too so now I only have two left to think about and plan when I can fit them into my calories, LOL. It really is a sickness...I checked the store shelf for them every time I went in until the put them out ever since they started putting out Easter candy.
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I just can't control myself if we went out to eat. The bread basket looks very good. Chinesse food, asian food but they are full of carbs and fat but I love them. Asian desert, oh.... so good!
Chocolate is one of my weakness.
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Homemade cheesecake & Beer-not necessarily in that order or consumed together.
The S.O. made 2 cheesecakes last weekend for a dinner party and I ate half of one before the guests arrived...
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Well, I gotta say that my weakness at THIS time of year is hot cross buns. Fortunately, they're a seasonal thing, only available during Lent, so the temptation is a brief one. I haven't touched 'em. Walked right past them in the store, several times. WILL not touch them! LOL! I have discovered that fat free cottage cheese with pineapple and some other fruit cut up and added to it takes care of my sweet tooth pretty well. I used to be able to consume a whole package of six hot cross buns at one sitting, so I always had a second package in reserve! @@

I also get a hankering for pizza now and then, and not just your simple thin crust wimpy cheese pizza. I love a thick crust pizza with pepperoni, sausage, peppers, mushrooms, cheese and anchovies...which is why I'm not going NEAR the pizzeria these days! I know they miss me.

Another thing that helps out with my sweet cravings is a Nature Valley granola bar with nuts. Yeah, there are healthier things a person could eat, but these are so intensely sweet for 100-some calories, they get over the need for "candy" without making a huge dent in my eating plan (1500 calories).

Beyond that, I'm discovering that food tastes good. I mean, real food actually tastes good. The refrigerator is FULL of stuff I can eat without feeling like I've failed. So far, so good!
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Rediscovering the joy of real food and how good it tastes and allowing yourself to feel mild hunger is a pleasure. I am enjoying my food -- and cooking more.

Of course nothing would replace a pan of brownies -- and pizza comes a close second. I cannot have chocolate bars or candy in the house. Mary
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I think I'm buying the wrong food because I don't think that real food tastes good at all, unless it is vegan pesto pasta, but living off of pasta is a no go--I bloat up too quick.
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