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poohcl13 02-27-2011 12:13 AM

coconut Yogurt?
I love yogurt and gave it up though for this diet because I just figured it wasn't good, but read an article in remedy that eating yogurt (especially the coconut one) the people in the trial lost more belly fat. I wanted to know if anyone else ever heard of this? or does anyone else include yogurt in their diet and does it effect the weight that they lose? :confused: I mean I have a 6 year old and still can't seem to lose the belly that came with him! It would be great if yogurt and some exercise could aide, because I have not had any help with jut exercise alone for that baby pooch.

mtlgirl 02-27-2011 02:40 AM

I have Greek yogurt for breakfast every morning. It's high in protein and I heard the calcium is very good for belly fat. However the probiotics in yogurt are the real selling factor for me. You should keep having it if you enjoy it so much. Part of the success of a healthy eating plan is sustainability and if you love yogurt you shouldn't have to give it up. It's healthy and tastes good! If you haven't noticed, I love yogurt too!

nottango 02-27-2011 03:42 AM

I love yogurt too - switched to greek yogurt for the added protein like Rose did. I have had 2 kids, but have my thin waist back. I don't think it's because of the yogurt, I think it's because I'm a runner. Genetics also plays a role. I don't have any stretch marks either.

cjohnson728 02-27-2011 04:18 AM

Some studies have shown that dairy products block the absorption of fat; maybe that's the deal. There are so many different yogurts out there; try a bunch and see what you like. I, like the others, am partial to Greek yogurt.

poohcl13 02-27-2011 08:09 PM

Thank you!
Thank you! I am going to add it! When I was a teen I used to eat it 2x per day because I was very active, but have just let it go (not sure why), I even have made it from scratch on the counter because my parents told me that it's very costly! But anyway, thank you very much for the information! I am going to add it in! :D

beccafries 02-28-2011 10:59 AM

I have never tried the greek yogurt..think I will buy some this week.
Is there a better brand I should look out for???

Mystery9785 03-01-2011 08:07 PM

I agree with the others here. If you like yogurt you should easily be able to fit it into a low calorie diet. Greek yogurt is the best because it has the most amount of protein and it is very thick and filling but it costs much more than the other stuff.

My favorite brand is FAGE. I like the 0% fat. It only comes in plain so I add cinnamon on it and maybe berries. I have put syrup on it too but I'm trying to avoid that stuff now. Chobanni is good too. Check labels on the other brands because some of them have too many additives and that takes away from the healthy aspect in my opinion.

beccafries 03-03-2011 11:53 AM

ok, I'll look out for this w/end

Meggietye 03-04-2011 02:06 AM

I have yogurt every morning for breakfast and I mix in 1/3 cup of grapenuts for a great crunch factor...fabulous!! I have been adding raisins but trying to wean off them due to the sugar factor, 1/4 cup of those little suckers is 130 calories. I am losing a pound a week but that is because I eat fewer calories now.

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