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Cut calories and fat, was losing weight...now hungry and gaining?! >

Cut calories and fat, was losing weight...now hungry and gaining?!


Cut calories and fat, was losing weight...now hungry and gaining?!

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I have to concur about upping your protein (and good fats). I started adding more lean poultry to my meals and having a hard boiled egg for a snack once or twice a day and sometimes a protein bar. It did wonders for my level of satiety but YMMV of course.
Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Chocoholic89
Thank you all so much for replying!

I had actually considered PMS, but I'm directly mid-month, so likely ovulating, not sure if that would have anything to do with it or not (sorry if thats TMI!).

The sodium though could be the problem, I added probably way more salt than I really should have to a bland homemade chicken soup last night, didn't use enough garlic/onions and things apparently. I have been trying to keep sodium down but I'm having a harder time with that than cutting calories or fat. I hate drinking water, but I cut my iced tea in half with water. I have acid reflux disease and this makes it easier to drink. I've been slowly adding more and more water, I'm hoping I can get used to less and less flavour this way. Aspartame flares my reflux so I can't do diet drinks/sodas.

I checked my protein and I'm averaging about 40 grams a day. According to this protein calculator How Much Protein Do You Need? I should be having 88grams of protein a day for my body weight I'm a bit of a carb junkie, I've been told by a chiropractor before that I wasn't getting enough, so I'll have to look for a way to start adding a bit more. I only eat chicken, and can't stand fish/seafood, so maybe need to add more whole grains or nuts?

I've been thinking of getting a work out video, something I could do at home...until I get the nerve to join a class somewhere. I've been looking at bellydancing, something fun that would strengthen my core. I need a workout video that will make a difference, but thats fun and for an absolute beginner, I'm really out of shape. Some of these videos, there is no way in H e double hockey sticks I could contort myself that way! Could anyone reccomend one they like?

thank you so much for all of you answering, I apologize for the mini meltdown...after lunch I evened out a bit
I have trouble with sodium too - it sneaks up on you everywhere! I do notice that after a "high sodium" day (where I was forced to eat something out of a box, or have gone out for dinner) my weight always seems to stick or mysteriously go up... now I don't even go near the scale for a couple of days if that happens. I'm a complete cooking newbie, but trying to use more fresh ingredients has helped a ton with lowering sodium intake (get rid of your canned tomatoes and chop up a fresh one! )

Water is also trouble for me, I have trouble getting in my 64 oz. minimum as I'm simply not thirsty, and forcing myself to drink just makes me feel awful and bloated -- have you considered adding a little bit of flavoring to it? Crystal Light has aspartame, but there are other options out there to maybe give your water a little variety? Nuts are a decent source of protein (and good fats) but it's easy to go overboard on them -- make sure you check your servings and only pour out what you want to eat, otherwise you might gobble more than you mean to! Do you like turkey? You could add that in instead of chicken some nights, it can be a different source of protein and is a fairly leaner meat. I also have been eating more beans for the fiber and protein value -- just watch the sodium on canned ones Greek yogurt is also great! And don't forget about the incredible edible egg!! (or egg whites)

almeeker had great suggestions for workout tapes. Walking is a great start! And 30-Day Shred kicks my butt so hard that by the end of it I pretend I'm punching Jillian's face in >.> even though the moves are simple and straightforward.

You can do it -- it's just a little hiccup as you're learning your body and what it needs. Once you figure it out you'll feel a lot better, and be proud of yourself for powering through!
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Drinking more water will definitely help with lowering your sodium levels and help you lose weight.

I used to drink too much water (an average of 300oz a day). My sodium levels (blood test) were way too low. I was told to reduce my water intake to 120oz a day. I have lowered it to about 150oz a day and it has helped to bring my sodium levels up.

Water is such an important part of losing weight and maintaining that loss. If you are not drinking enough your body is not able to flush out what it doesn't need and you will actually retain water. If you have eaten a meal that is high in sodium drink extra water so it can be flushed out of your system.

Drinking water shouldn't make you feel bloated but not drinking enough can.
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Thank you everyone again for all the help.
The second week of weight loss was hell, but third week came along and *boom* horrible hunger went away. I had around 1700 calories one day, just to get the pain to stop (this is still within my calories to reach my 10% loss goal). I woke up the next morning, and realized it didn't feel like my stomach was chewing itself. Its been fine since. Something I never had considered, if you aren't "going" enough, that will add weight! And if you're increasing fibre without increasing water(like I've been doing), you aren't doing yourself much favours The weight is coming off at a nice slow and steady pace now too. Go figure

I upped my calories by 100 to 1500, although I'm still averaging close to about 1425. I think I had the fat too low as well. Problem is that days like today, I've only had about 19.4 grams of fat and under 1300 calories. Given how your fat should be between 20% and 30/35% of your calories, that means I should be getting at least 33 grams

Now I see why they say to plan your meals, if i had known what we were having for dinner I could have added a little more good fat during breakfast. I notice I get that ravenous feeling only when the fat/calories have been cut too low, but now I can eat something healthy, and it stops. I was trying to ignore it before, and got to the point where even if i did eat it didn't matter.

Tomorrow will just have to make sure I get those good fats in. Its funny, I have a much harder time hitting the fat goal than calories after all this time of having WAY too much! I was bummed when I realized I hadn't lost as much as I thought I had, because when I first stepped on the scale in January, I was wearing my clothes. I then got in the habit of weighing in my skivvies. So I had to calculate the difference, which means 1kg weight loss gone, which of course stinks. Reminding myself that almost 12lbs in under 4 weeks is still really good, even if i am impatient lol.

Going to look at some exercise things this weekend, hoping to get a stability ball, am excited

Thanks so much again!

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Sounds like you're really figuring out your body's quirks. I find it interesting how different things work for different people. Keep us posted! 12 pounds in 4 weeks is phenominal - it gets harder as you get closer to your goal.
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My husband has been telling me to stop weighing myself so much, but I find it really hard. So he's sleeping right now, and I snuck into the room and grabbed the scale.

So I put it on the bathroom floor, and it basically says I gained 8lbs Even with pms bloating, I KNEW there was no way!

I'm just in my skivvies and socks, trying to quietly move the scale around the bathroom. Of course I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and hoped that my husband would NOT wake up! Thats when I notice the dumb thing (the scale) is flashing 5.8 or 5.5 everytime I put it down. So I knew something was messing it up. So I was fiddling with it's buttons, and realized I had it straddling tiles, which aren't even. I find an even tile, and make sure its on one tile by itself.

Thats when it tells me I've lost 1.2 lbs, in less than two days Thats a total of 3lbs this week. I double checked with another scale we have that measures in kg just to be sure, lol.

Thanks Nottango!
I want to start working out now while I'm losing at this rate, because I know its just going to get harder as I go. Hopefully having some of this extra padding of me will make any exercise just that much more doable.
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If you haven't worked out in a while just start out slow. Some people have a habit of overdoing it in the beginning. You don't want to have an injury.
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Hey Chocoholic89,
You are doing great!
If you poke around the forum, especially going back in history a little, you will find lots of discussions about scales, addictions to them, and the love/hate relationships we have with them. There was a great thread about how moving the scale from place to place changes the reading (just as you experienced) some of the stories were very, very funny. And if you can't get a chuckle out of the experience from time to time, well....

You have gotten some sage advise from some wise folks here. But most impressive is how fast you seem to have picked up on what your body needs and how it responds to what you put (or don't put) in your mouth. Keep it up and you will see the results you are dreaming of.

Oh and check into the Women's corner from time to time - lots more support and humor there.

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Default water

I HATE water also! But I learned a trick from my son's teacher- she slices up fresh oranges, lemons, limes, cucumbers and even mint and adds them to her water (of course not all at once), but she leaves it in baggies and just plops it in. I have to say that I have come to like it! It adds yummy flavor without tons of calories or sweeteners! My favorite is Orange and lime! You can really try anything! I hope that this helps!
As far as the healthy fats I have been using smashed avocado spread on a piece of whole wheat toast for a snack (you can add a little pepper). Or for a sweet treat I smashed the avocado and added a little honey (like 1/2 teaspoon for 1/2 avocado) and let it sit in the freezer for about 3-4 minutes just so it was cold and it was nice and creamy and kinda sweet (I LOVE ice cream) so this was my sub treat!
Good luck and I am new here too! I probably started around the same time as you did!
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all the suffering and none of the losing is a tough place to be but you aren't alone our family has low metabolism i barely lose anything on 1000 cals a day and my sister has it even tougher she needs to burn of everything she eats. So bodies are stubborn my weight results also show up after a couple of weeks of doing the right things. Try to get a relaxation tape or meditation hunger isn't going to kill you remember it's just a feeling...and it will pass. hang in there let me know how you're going.
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