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miawadem 11-21-2021 04:52 PM

Has anyone had success with a waist trainer?
Sowwy if this had been discussed before. I'm a newbie and didn't see any threads. I'm apple-shaped and I hate it! I am always in between sizes because I am disproportionate. I always have to get my dresses taken in and it's annoying to buy an expensive dress and then pay even more money to take it to a skilled tailor who won't ruin it.

I am far from fat. I just have a wide waist. I know I need to lose weight to get rid of belly fat but I don't want to lose what little curves I have. And I can't control where I lose. I've heard belly fat is usually the last and most stubborn to lose too. I guess I'll try to focus on toning.

I know I'll never be an hourglass, but if I could lose just 3 inches I would be happier with my shape.

Has a waist trainer worked for anyone and are they safe to wear?

luckymike123 01-01-2022 07:02 PM

I've been thinking about adding a waist trainer into my workout. I'm already pretty slim. I know they can help with posture which sounds amazing to me. I was hoping some of you ladies could suggest your favorites and share experiences. Thanks! Edit: I also workout at the gym three times a week and go to a pilates class twice a week. I would be wearing this while walking, hanging around the house driving etc.

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