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1lS0phie 01-27-2010 05:19 AM

Body Fat percentage
It would be really cool if Fitday could show you how to tweek your diet to encourage a better body fat percentage.
Im 122lbs, '5 "2 and I'm trying to go from 22% BF to 18% BF. I imagine my weight itself won't change much.
When I enter my weight my goal isn't to lose weight so Fitday tells me to keep eating the same cals I'm burning instead of encouraging a deficit that would aid in fat loss and muscle building.

I've learned from some other forums that with my goal I should be paying attention to my percentages of protein/ carbs/ fat so that I am getting the energy to exercise but the protein to allow my muscles to stay built.

Just wondered if there are others on this site who have a similar goal and maybe some tips/ advice.

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