Help I hate water!

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I'm new here and just started on my change of eating for life. I too have a hard time drinking all that water I need so what I did was buy one of those big bottles of lemon juice at Wallies and put about 2 tablespoons of it in a glass of water and add some splenda and it tastes so good and because it tastes so good I drink lots of it throughout the day! <smiling> Or you could just make up a big pitcher of "sugarless lemonade" which is most likely the best thing to do.
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Originally Posted by mecompco
PS You may find that Crystal Lite makes you hungry--there are studies showing Aspartment (sp?) and other sugar substitues can trigger the hunger response in your body just like "real" sugar/simple carbs can. So keep that in mind.
I found this to be very true for me, and I didn't even realize it until I switched to mainly drinking water. I've been trying to lose weight for years, and around the time I stopped drinking Crystal light I started losing lots of weight. It could be coincidence, but I feel much less hungry now for whatever reason.

It was certainly better than drinking sugar-filled sodas though. When I switched from soda to Crystal light that alone lost me about 50lbs (from 350lbs down to around 300).

The dessert comment is so true too. After a long walk or some exercise water is better than champagne.
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I know this is gross, but if you go by the color of your urine, that's a good indicator. I drink tea for half of my water, (half of your body weight). Tea will flush your system out and by mid morning, my urine is clear.
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I had a similar experience.
Weighing daily and experimenting...I discovered that drinking diet sodas either kept my weight the same or even put a little weight on me.
Drinking water and reducing calories takes the weight off. If I eat the same number of calories, but drink diet soda...I either stay the same or add a little weight.
I drink mostly water, a little coffe and a little tea with one packet of Truvia. This seems to have helped. No more diet soda at all.
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