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tuhin01 06-04-2020 10:41 PM

The Three Biggest Diet Mistakes That Sabotage Fat Loss
The three biggest diet mistakes that sabotage fat loss can easily be avoided. Your awareness plays a huge role in your success to get rid of belly fat and make fat loss permanent. There is no reason to short-change yourself when it comes to a successful lifestyle change.

When people make the decision to lose weight, reduce body fat, and increase lean muscle tissue, their focus naturally turns to the physical elements of getting into better shape. Planning their grocery shopping, designing a workout plan for the gym, and mapping out their cardio all seem pretty exciting at the start.

However, it is the mental aspect that becomes most critical once you put your program in motion. Insight, staying grounded in reality, and self-discipline are imperative to your success.

Diet Mistake #1 - Failing To Stay Real

The Internet is full of sites promising quick fat loss, fast muscle gain, and immediate success in making significant changes to both your health and your body. Do not get sucked in to the nonsense. Stay grounded.

  • Always remember: It took time to put on belly will take both TIME and EFFORT to lose it.
  • Set realistic goals. Losing 1-2 lbs. each week is both safe and do-able. Benchmarks of 15 weeks and 30 weeks can show significant changes,
  • There are NO "secret supplements" that help you burn belly fat. Establishing a slight calorie deficit each week by making good food choices works.
  • Your workouts must be regular, consistent, and purposeful. Your attitude toward getting sweaty and out of breath plays a huge role to stay the course.

Diet Mistake #2 - Eating Must Be Conscious

Developing your awareness is critical. There is no such thing as putting the fat loss on autopilot. There is no need to be obsessive about calories, but you must be sensible and vigilant.

  • There can be NO MORE mindless eating. You must know exactly what you are putting in your mouth each time you eat.
  • Making good food choices must be your foremost strategy. This starts in the supermarket and continues right through to your kitchen table.
  • Educate yourself on how food affects your body. Know what foods build lean muscle and what foods are stored on your waist as fat.
  • Portion control is critical. Forget the words "supersize it." Calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate and progressively reduce the calories needed to maintain it.

Diet Mistake #3 - Losing Sight Of The Finish Line

One of the biggest diet mistakes is seeing your fat loss program as a short-term plan rather than a functional lifestyle. Don't make losing belly fat a band-aid, make it a permanent change for your body.

  • Forget about so-called "Cheat Days." All they do is get you off-track. It is no big deal to have a donut or three slices of pizza...just not every week. Eat consciously.
  • You cannot exercise-off or run-off more calories than you take in. You CANNOT eat whatever you please just because you workout daily. That is not reality.
  • You cannot put your diet program on auto-pilot. If you do, you'll begin skipping workouts and making poor food choices.

To lose belly fat, you can condense your strategy down to six words: Eat less...Eat better...Exercise more.

For some reason, when a program is that simple, people seem to drift from their fat loss goals. You do not have to fall into that mindset. By staying aware and staying purposeful, you can avoid the three biggest diet mistakes that sabotage fat loss.

Remember: Before you start any diet or exercise program, make an appointment with your physician. Tell him your fat loss goals. Show him this article and ask for his personal helpful suggestions.

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