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Lizzycritter 12-30-2010 12:31 AM

Power oatmeal sounds awesome! I might sub some slivered almonds for the flaxseed oil. It's been so cold, a hot breakfast that I can make at work sounds lovely. Just take the dry ingredients premixed, and add the water and nuke at work, I can do that!

Asianlady 12-30-2010 02:25 AM

Im too are one of those who cannot get full with just a salad. I have to have my carbs and meat. I'm bad at limiting myself off limits with certain kind of foods so what I did at the start is to always tell myself to leave 1/3 of the portion on the plate.

Eventually right now, i'm leaving half the portion each time i have my meals. I am no longer taking as much as what I am able to eat. I'm not a huge fan of donuts but got tempted to have 3 at one go. Afterwards, i felt sick and nauseous, and freaking full to the max. I reckon my body has conditioned itself to eat lesser and "reject" bad food.

I don't eat salads usually because first, it didn't fill me and veggies are carbs too (good carbs) so I felt it's a waste to put in those carbs in my body when I know I gotta reach out for more snacks after 2 hours or so. What I did is to have some rice (im asian so rice is like a staple to me but other forms of starch or carbs works fine too), meat and vegetables. I will make sure i eat all the meat and veggies but leave half the rice on the plate.

Sometimes I get hungry by 5 and still at work, so i grab a chocolate cookie which helps to keep my blood sugar consistent. Been doing this on and off for 3 weeks and though the weight loss is slow, I didn't gain any weight even when I stuffed myself on christmas and with the donuts.

I believe this works for me, except that I need to get out for a good jog every morning. Like everyone says, each one of us are different, so i'm sure you can find a right diet that complements your weight loss goals. Good luck :)

Asianlady 12-30-2010 02:30 AM

And, I forgot to add, water keeps me real full after meals, so you can try drinking the required amount for your body weight. For me, it's 70 oz according to my body weight. Basically 50% of your weight is the number of oz you have to drink a day.

01gt4.6 12-30-2010 03:25 AM

Originally Posted by tandoorichicken (Post 29734)
I can't add anything to what's already been said, but you mentioned something about oatmeal, and I feel compelled to share my recipe for power oatmeal I used to make in grad school (which only ended 2 weeks ago.... but it seems like so long ago now!).

Basically, you mix your oats with a scoop of vanilla whey, about a tablespoon of flaxseed oil and a teaspoon of real maple syrup, add water or milk, and nuke it in the microwave for a minute or so. Stuff will fill you up for a good six hours or so, especially if you use whole milk. :)

I have tried whey protein many ways with oatmeal and it ALWAYS clumps up when cooked with the oatmeal. I almost get sick on it. I've never used it with flaxseed oil, does that prevent it from turning into a hard ball of protein... that you could play tennis with?

tandoorichicken 01-02-2011 06:56 PM

Runbikeski my degree is in biomedical engineering. That's where I picked up all my biochem and biomechanics.

Mike, I use whey from Trader Joe's. Even when I don't put in the flax oil I don't have clumping problems. Then again, I also use steel cut oats, not the pre-mealed powdery Quaker Oats stuff so maybe that lends itself to clumping too.

Happy New Year everyone!

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