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  • Quote: Hope everyone is doing well... Another week in the books and things are going really well. I actually ran/walked 4 miles today (which is really good). There is a backstory...

    I actually love running and during the most healthy times in my life, I was running 2-3x a week. I actually ran the NYC marathon in 2009 (and found myself 18 months later up 100+, did I just admit that to this forum, jeez). Also during that 18 months I herniated a disk in my back which put me out of commission for a couple of months. I have been eager to start again, but at almost 350 lbs, it is not really an option. So, once I broke 300, I decided it was time, and I ran/walk 3x in the last week (btw, run/walk just means I take turns between jogging and walking). My body and back honestly feel great.

    Anyways, I continue to read all the posts (I'm so proud of the many of you that are killing it right now) and welcome the newbies to the boards... I look forward in cheering your accomplishments and picking you up when you are down... we are all in this together.
    Congrats on the running, there's nothing quite like it is there?? I started at 295 and have lived to tell the tale!
  • Quote: Any suggestions on if I should walk away from the furniture or keep the key till I decide if Iím staying in the area? (Iíll be taking the kitchen stuff by Monday at the latest!)
    Personally, I'd take all my furniture and put it in storage until I knew where I was going. If moving long distance, I'd either move it or sell it all, or give back to the church that gave it to me. But I wouldn't let my ex room mates just keep it. I've left things behind before, and it just made me feel worse about myself because I didn't stand up for myself. I figured things weren't worth fighting for, but when you go to replace them and have to incur the costs, its an extra expense that you don't really need when you are moving.

    It sounds to me that you are under a ton of stress and trying to stick to a diet isn't extra pressure that you need. Again, the trying and failing will just make you feel worse. When I'm in situations like that, I try to just treat myself as best I can: walk to relieve stress, eat things that make me feel energized and avoid people that bring me down. Cut yourself some slack, be good to you, and get through it as best you can. Vow to yourself to get back on track once your situation stabilizes.

    Take care of you.
  • I want to lose approximately 160 lbs.
  • Quote: I want to lose approximately 160 lbs.
    Good for you! Anything we can do to help?

  • I broke into the 280's yesterday and kept that up with another .4 down today!!! Woohoo!! I was stuck at 290-292 since June 23rd so this makes me very happy!
  • Quote: I broke into the 280's yesterday and kept that up with another .4 down today!!! Woohoo!! I was stuck at 290-292 since June 23rd so this makes me very happy!
    Nice! It's always a lift to reach a new "decade". Now, on to the '70s!

  • I admit I've not been doing too well lately. A few days spent right on track, and then a day that turns into a train wreck. It just keeps getting easier and easier to cheat.

    I'm not happy about it. And it's definitely keeping me from losing any more weight, so I'm still stuck right at 299. Really discouraged. I just need to vent a little and hopefully get my thoughts straight. Anyone have any advice for getting the cheat monkey off my back? I just feel like I'm relapsing bad right now. Not good...
  • I was having that issue as well VirusInside. I wasn't gaining so I could justify it to myself that it was okay to have a little extra. I finally had to just take two steps back and put me in my place and let myself know that it was not okay and that if I kept it up that I could figure on weighing 292 (or more) for the rest of my life. Most likely the 'more'.

    It is not an easy journey. I feel for ya! Keep posting. Maybe come over to the weekly motivation thread in the women's forum and make yourself some goals that you can update daily on whether you are meeting them or not. That thread is not just women. Mike comes there every week. It is great for accountability.
  • Virus, I find that I am most likely to cheat when I am bored. If I am busy I don't think about food near as much. Try picking up a new hobby or activity, preferably something that gets you moving.
    Good Luck and hang in there.
  • Yup, keeping busy is so important. Idle time is NOT good for those of us prone to overeating.

    As to the "cheating", are there specific trigger foods that you're getting into or is it just generally eating larger portions?

    I think you need to think of ways to avoid whatever sets off the overeating or at least be aware of it.

    Let us know how you're doing!