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Okay....I hope this is not too late...I weighed in today 2/4/10 at 240 lbs. I want to lose 75 lbs but this time next year.
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Ok, I think I have everyone that is new added. I will start you all tomorrow (2/5) with the weights that you have posted. Good luck and thanks for joining us! Deanna
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Default New members?

Hi all. Just new to the site and looking for some outside accountability. Working towards "lifestyl" vs. diet mentality. Are you taking newbies to your weekly weigh in progres? I'd love to be included. If so, my last friday weight was 244#. I'll check back to see!
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I dont see it to be a problem but someone will be along shortly to answer your question.Oh and welcome to the site and forums its a great place to motivate yourself.
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I'm new too and would like to join in. I'm starting at 172. First weigh in will be this Friday if the thread is not too full.
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hi! I would love to join, great accountability Just let me know when I need to post my weight every week and we can watch it go down together
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is it too late to join??

I'm new here - just joined yesterday - but would love the motivation and accountability of a weekly weigh-in!
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Default My weight

Just because i want to fill in this everyday so i weigh myself every mornging afther i take a shower and before i go have breakfast .

This morning i weigh 67 kilogram , my goal is 55/50 kilogram .
yesterdag i weigh 67,02 so i lost 2 gram .

Fore everyone who is losing our trying to lose weigh it is very difficult i alway's throught you can do it like a split second but that's not i weigh previous year 75 kilgram so i lost in one year 5 kilo . Because i weigh begin this year 70 kilogram . So previous year i tried different diet and nothing work's for me now i have Atkins and that work's perfect i don't have any hunger and i lose weight so easly in two weeks 3 kilo . Whit absoluut almost now work out . Now i go walk every day . This year i am going to find a exercise that's fit me. I am thinking about Pilates have anyone experience whit this work out ? And is it something that's easy to fid in a full schedule ?
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My first weigh in...buck naked

January 24, 2010 ....228
February 20, 2010....219.3

**I will get into a Friday weigh in for posting
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Hi Everyone!
If it isn't too much trouble, I would like to join this wonderful group. I am new to this, but I working very hard to become a healthier person who makes smarter choices when it comes to living that lifestyle! My goal is to have lost at least 40 lbs by this summer. My husband and I would like to start a family, but before that, I believe I need to be healthier for myself, him, and our children. That is my reason for being on here and working so hard. A life long goal of changing my life and the people around me!

Could I please be added to this group of weekly weigh-ins, weighing in on Fridays?
I decided to change everything and get started last week.
Starting weight last week: 178
After week one: 173
So now... Onto week two!

Thank you!

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