Hard time meeting calorie intake

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Default Hard time meeting calorie intake

I work as a customer service agent and I only get 30 mins for my break. I'm not a big breakfast eater so I really don't eat that much during that time. Right now I'm eating 3 meals a day maybe 4 and I'm suppose to least get close to 1700 calories but I've been coming up very short. I'm afraid my body will go into that starvation mode then I won't lose weight . Can't talk on the phone and eat at the same time because I'm talking with customers. Any suggestions and advice would be appreciated.

Here is my logs. This week I've seen a big difference in calories http://www.fitday.com/fitness/FoodLog.html
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Your link to your food log doesn't work for me.

Is 1700 calories your maintenance level or your goal with a deficit? I ask because when I eat 1500-1700 calories daily I lose weight (my maintenance is about 2260). Since you are only 4'11" I find it hard to believe you could lose weight on 1700 calories unless you are very active.

If you do need to add calories protein shakes (make them with whole milk for even more calories), cottage cheese, and nuts like almonds or walnuts are healthy choices.
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I'm sorry here is the right link I believe http://www.fitday.com/fitness/Public...ser=belindab10

Here's what it says in my calorie balance tab:

Calories You Burn-Calorie Restriction=Calorie You Can Eat
2,260 -583 = 1,677

I was wondering about this too cause of my height....since I'm 180 - 182 im considered obese and its already hard to loose the weight now....iv went to the other link I've seen others post the Calorie Counter??? or another and it gives me almost the same amount of calories I should have. If I could take snack breaks when I want it would not be a problem to get that much but the way I work it seems harder to get in the calories I need. Since joining fitday, I wake up early most every morning and do my exercises which is on the Cardio Twister, sit ups and some arm weights. Before I was doing no exercising at all . Like I said I don't want my body to think I'm starving it then go into hibernation mode .
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I don't think I burn that much calories in a day, just to think about it. I do my exercises in the morning which takes about 30 mins, sometimes I walk up the street to my mailbox (live in apartments) and maybe sometimes further to get my walk in, then rest of the time I'm at my desk because I have a home office. When I changed the calories burned to 1,000 my calorie intake went down to 417 calories that I can eat. That seems really low . Any help?
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Hey Belinda, I'm inclined to agree with Ron on this one. Check this site out, if you haven't already - Calorie Calculator - Daily Caloric Needs
This is to their calorie calculator, but there are other useful tools as well on this site. In any event, I'd try trimming your calories down to 1500/day - you could probably cut it down even lower, but I'd try that out and see where it takes you. Remember, this is all about trial and error; everyone is a little different. If 1700 isn't working for you, then shave some off and see what happens.
Also, I think FitDay WAY overestimates how many calories are burned throughout the course of a day. If it were accurate, I'd be a size 4 by now, lol. :P Good luck and let us know how it goes!
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