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I have had thyroid issues for almost 30 years. My TSH bounces all over the place, hyper to hypo and back again all in the same year. My sister has had the same thyroid problems but her TSH has been steady for 30 years. Her weight has been steady for 30 years, mine bounces just like my TSH. There is no magic bullet and your thyroid does control much of this! I am under the care of a very good endocrinologist and they don't know why mine is all over the place. Do the best you can do! It is much harder to get any weight off if you are hypo. When I am hyper I can eat like a truck driver and can't gain or maintain, but my body is CRAZY with exhaustion from being hyper. Hyper is terrible.
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Originally Posted by LisaAnnie View Post
Hi Bobbienne, what is NS? Is that for Nutrisystem?
yes Nutrisystem...Sorry for the acronym.

Have a good night all!

Pollyri: I guess thyroidism (hypo and hyper) causes fatigue...that stinks...
Hang in there

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Bobbienne--I was curious to know more about a couple things you said. Why were you switched from Synthroid to another form of levothyroxine? Also, what do you know about soy being bad for hypothyroidism?

I just joined the forums a few days ago and wanted to say that I was put on levothyroxine in my teens, before I started to gain weight on antidepressants. I've had my blood tested a couple times a year and the dosage increased a few times, but it seems stable. I still struggle with fatigue, but I don't know that it's related to hypo because my doctor says my levels are normal. It never occurred to me to ask for the lab results, but I don't suffer from most of the hypo symptoms like hair loss. I was intrigued that so many posters on here did ask for their own copies of the lab results, and also that there are more markers that should be tested for. I may have to ask my doctor about this!

I drink soymilk instead of cow's milk because of IBS and I was wondering if I should switch over to almond milk instead. I've read that soy can be bad for women with a predisposition for breast cancer, but I wasn't aware it could impact hypothyroidism. Does anyone have more information on this? I thank you in advance.

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I have Hypothyroidism. I'm also a vegetarian and eat soy everyday. My blood levels are checked every 8-12 weeks. Eating soy and other foods people say can effect the thyroid hasn't had any effect on my thyroid levels/function.

Unfortunately I think every food could be listed as "do not eat if you are hypothyroidism" if anyone searched the net hard enough. Seems like every food was named to cause cancer at one time or another too!
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