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mpanchuk 01-30-2010 03:53 PM

BEST breakfast
Has anyone ever heard of hemp hearts? These little seeds are FANTASTIC!

You can look up their benefits on the internet, but they are said to contain most of your essential nutrients and minerals (including lots of protein!) and give you energy for the full day, and keep you full & satisfied.You can get them from any health food store.

I put about 3 tbsp of hemp hearts, with pulverized flax and sunflower seeds, into yoghurt in the morning on my way out the door. I also like to put in blueberries or raspberries as well. Tastes pretty good, super healthy and really quick and easy!

Shell250 01-30-2010 03:56 PM

Hello everyone,

Geesh too. :( Carb overload last night. I did plan for Friday to be my 'cheat night', but I went overboard. Made pizza, and although it was thin crust, I added far too much pepperoni (why the heck did I even buy pepperoni!? I usually make vegetarian pizza.), and too much cheese. I had 4 slices of pizza. Then I proceeded to eat 1/2 a chocolate bar, and then taco chips. :eek: So I tracked every little gory detail. This was how I ate before, all the time - and no wonder I have a weight problem. Calories were well over 3000, 50+% carbs, over 100 g fat. Brilliant.

Dispite feeling positive all day, and some serious 'self-talk', I don't know how I slip into this pig out mode. I am OK with having a cheat meal, and know it is OK to do every once in awhile, but my choices could have been much better. Could be cutting back too much this week, I didn't think of that. Weekends are not a free-for-all-time-to-reward-myself, and I need to drill that into my head! <insert scream here!>

I want this more than anything, to lose weight, to be healthy. Is a moment of pleasure from food worth the guilt and how crappy I feel today both physically and emotionally?? No. Need to do some more soul searching here. Anyways, I am bound and determined to get back on track today, and I will.

Sorry for the rant, thanks for listening/, moving onwards and downwards this week... :)

PS Kathie, thanks for sharing the info from your dietician, good tips. I bought some ground flax seed last week, it is really tasty with yogurt. mpanchuk, I have seen hemp hearts in the store...will have to give them a try, sounds like they are delicious!

kathietaylor 01-30-2010 05:19 PM

Hemp hearts?? Interesting, I will have to see if they are available in my little town.

Shell....I am so sorry you had one of "those" nights last night. Last night when I looked at my dinner plate I KNEW it was bad, a cup of pasta with sauce, a half cup of baked beans (vegetarian Bush beans...0 fat! YUM!) and 3 or 4 ounces of chicken!! It was a very full plate and I ate every single bit, I am surprised I didn't lick the damn plate!! I had a momentary lapse of reason! Apparently you did too! And I had a bellyache last night after dinner!!

The only saving grace was it was all healthy choices, just way too much.

So I have a suggestion for you regarding the pizza. Why not make individual pizza using a whole wheat tortilla wrap as your crust, use vegetarian pepperoni and all the veggies you want, and use skim milk mozza cheese??? That way you can eat the whole thing without guilt! And it is a very healthy choice!! While it may not taste quite as good as the real thing, while you are dieting it is a delish substitute.

Today I MUST get on the treamill as I have one more workout to meet the 5 workouts a week challenge and today is my last day. I have very sore muscles in my arms from using the hand weights while using the treadmill, but I am not going to pain, no gain!! LOL!!

I plan to make some split pea soup today, chock full of veggies. Good protein source, low fat (no fat unless you add meat) and very satisfying.

What are the rest of you going to do today to make sure you stay on track, being the weekend and all????

Shell250 01-30-2010 06:51 PM

Thanks for the support and suggestions Kathie! And way to go for making decent choices, even if you did overeat a bit, you prepared a good healthy supper. I will make some better choices next time I plan to make pizza. I usually make vegetarian pizza, and thoroughly enjoy it. Not sure why I was craving the fatty, salty pepperoni yesterday?! :rolleyes: I paid the price last night for eating too much - stomach ache, and felt sort of 'hungover' this morning from the junk food, salt and sugar.

I feel much better now, I had a good workout this morning, drank lots of water and am going to have a good sized healthy lunch so that I am not famished by suppertime tonight (we are going out for supper, another challenge!)

Have a great on-track day everyone! :)

need2losen2010 01-30-2010 08:53 PM

I met the 5 x a week workout goal today on the treadmill. I was only doing 10 min. because I was tired, but then another 10, & 10 more by then the movie was getting good & the only place I was going to watch it was from the treadmill so...I had a really good workout.

Kathie, I'm making soup today as well, & drinking lots of water to get thru the week end. Don't forget to post when you get your workout done.

Shell, Congrats on your workouts. Stay strong.

daisynlily1432 01-31-2010 02:31 AM

another so so so day today. I still did great food intake wise, still not so much on exercising. my brother came over & i hung out with him today, & also did not get my housework done either! :rolleyes: but o well. My husband came home from work early, so only got 16 min of brisk walkin & joggin. Not at all what i was goin for. Still have my calorie intake where it finally needs to be, im very proud of myself for that part anyway, but i just cant seem to get carbs down & protein up. its Saturday, & thats when im runnin errands & stuff, so i usually get fast foods. But didnt today! :D Brought a couple snack bars with me in the car. Which i think is a great idea, if ya get the munchies while drivin, instead of pullin into a fast food place, have sum lite snaks with you. I like the slim fast yogurt & trail mix bar & the special k bars r really good to.
I tried to keep food intake low today cuz i knew i would be makin my homemade chili for dinner, my bros fav., & i go way overboard on helpins with that, ya its that good! I usually eat 2 bowls, :eek: with lotsa crackers & shredded cheese, but i only ate half a bowl an few crackers w/ only 1 tbsp of cheese ( ya im learnin to measure now!) ;) I was very proud & also schocked of myself for how little i ate of somethin i usually eat tons of! My husband is off Sundays, so i dont get much of anything done, hopefully i can sneak in a few minutes on the treadmill, o an also finish my housework!
As far as the hemp hearts, what exactly are those? sounds gross, but willin to try if everyone seems to like em. Congrats to how well everyone is doin & the good weigh ins. i didnt do mine yesterday, but will friday. I do mine sundays, but will try the friday thing everyone has goin.

kathietaylor 01-31-2010 05:53 AM

No work out for me today!! My plans just didn't work out at all! I ended up having to go out most of the afternoon, and I realized I had eaten on ONE of my muffins today, which is a mere 102 calories!!! I was woozy and exhausted by the time I got home....from not eating..duh!!! But I just didn't have the energy after that to do a whole lot.

I did laundry and made the homemade soup I had planned to make! Turned out spectaculor!! Man, who the heck ever said healthy food can't be delicious??? Cuz it WAS!!! I have managed to get my calories up to a little over 1000 tonight...I had a whole wheat engish muffin with my soup, one half had a tsp of marg, the other a tbsp of peanut butter (that was dessert!)...followed by an orange some almonds and 2 diabetic chocolates. My veggies were in the soup, by the way!! So overall a good day. I think.

JenniferAld 01-31-2010 06:19 AM

So, I didn't work out tonight but that's because I ended up working from 9:30 this morning until 10 tonight.... without leaving the store. Talk about a LONG shift. Anyhow, My eating was okay... stayed under prob 1500 calories all day... so yay!

jancamp09 01-31-2010 12:28 PM

Hello - New to this thread
Hi there. Been without my laptop for a couple of weeks (in the shop for repair) but started tracking again yesterday. Been about 4 weeks now that I have been trying but the weight is coming off oh so slow - only about 4 pounds although I feel lighter and clothes are fitting differently. Even without tracking I was really watching what I ate. Exercising is not usually a problem - I live in Ontario but for the last 7 years have walked in the early a.m. before life can get in the way, however, two weeks ago I slipped on ice and went down hard and hit my head - still have a black eye from it. So now, depending on the morning, I may use the Gazelle for 1/2 hour - I usually walk an hour but the Gazelle is more boring so 1/2 hour does it for me. For the last couple of weeks have tried to get to the gym for at least one class a day but I do have to start getting there just to do weights, they just don't appeal to me, plus I always wonder if I am doing them correctly. I know that a personal trainer could help with this but who can afford $60.00 an hour?
Jennifer, no wonder you didn't exercise yesterday - that was a long shift. What kind of store do you work in? I'm sure you must have gotten some exercise there as well. Any store I have ever worked in involved stocking shelfs, cleaning etc.

JenniferAld 01-31-2010 08:40 PM

I work at Ross... and Saturdays are our busiest day of the week... NON stop from open till close. Oy. And I walked around a lot!

So, I got on the scale this morning... Couldn't resist... and I'm down another pound! Well, Technically, down another 1.2 lbs... So, I am content. I still need to push myself though... Johnny's and my anniversary is in 18 days... and I need to lose basically 10 pounds in 18 days. IF I don't then I won't beat myself up over it all to much but I will be a little disappointed.

I am now finding it hard to eat 1,500 calories in a day. Like I have to eat and eat and eat.... Well, you get the picture. It's kinda weird how that happens. I had a hard time staying UNDER 1,700 and now I would have to really try hard to eat 1,700. It was like a natural change.

At first I had a hard time with the idea of only losing 2lbs a week... until I thought about it. I am like 209.8 and I want to be 145. If I lose 2 pounds a weeks then in 8 months I will be at my target weight! By my birthday I will be at my target weight! That is EXCITING. 8 months of dieting for a lifetime of health!

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