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krisann67 10-19-2010 05:59 AM

Low Blood sugar?
I noticed that when I start eating healthy I have moments in the beginning where I am weak and shaky and a bit disoriented. Its happened enough times that Im wondering if its due to the fact that when Im not trying to eat healthy I eat whatever crap I want.. generally high in sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Does my body need to adjust to the insulin requirements?

Another very weird thing I've noticed is that I have a terrible time eating ENOUGH calories in a day. Yes, I know this sounds like I should weigh 40 pounds and have no trouble with weight loss what-so-ever, but that is not the case. I literally am just not hungry as often when I eat healthy foods. Unfortunatly, if I dont pay attention I find that Ive eaten about 600 calories at the end of the day. That causes me to not lose weight very effectively.

Has anyone else noticed this?

tandoorichicken 10-20-2010 02:21 AM

Hi Krisann67,

It seems that your body really is used to surging insulin when you eat due to the sugar-laden foods. Even if you aren't diabetic, it might take your body a while to adjust to lower sugar foods.

600 calories is dismally low. If you can't force yourself to eat anymore than that, you should try to find ways to boost your appetite. Do you do any physical activity? If you try to get out an move more each day, your appetite will automatically go up, and you will be able to get more calories each day. I suspect this will also jump start your metabolism, which might be just crawling along right now.

Speaking of which, lifting/pushing heavy things around really boosts your metabolism. :D

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