New on here but old at trying to lose weight!

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Default New on here but old at trying to lose weight!

Morning all (uk)

I've been, like many, battling with my weight for years now. I've finally gained too much weight for my liking and I seriously need to lose the weight before it's too late.

I've once successfully lost weight but I was working in an enviroment (betting shop) where I loved my work and always had something to keep me occupied. Also the long hours meant I didn't have too much free time late at nights to snack. I also found more time to go the gym as I had a flexible working agreement. I have, ever since, slowly crept up the weight ladder and I seem to gain weight everytime I diet and now have hit a career record of 15 Stone. I did badly injure my ankle in May and have been unable to play football since but I can now run and put a large strain on it, but not football still as when I shoot it takes a big impact.

So here's my creditionals;

-I'm male
-I'm 25
-I'm 5 ft 10.5
-I'm 210 lbs
-Lowest Weight 175 lbs
-I work in an office
-I play golf at least once a week
-I'm a late night crap eating snacker
-My goal weight is 154 lbs
-Ideally I'd like to lose the weight (or at least the majority) by March 2011
-I've own kettlebells, an exercise mat and some dumb bells with adjustable weights.

I'm thinking that if I calorie count and consume around 1500 calories per day and doing my kettlebell routine 3 times a week and walk/jog 3 times a week for about 3 miles I should start to lose weight. I'm also thinking that if I plan to eat something every 2 hours I'll hopefully always be full and never to far away from my next bit of food.

I'm now off the booze unconditionally.

I just always seem to fall off the wagon and I'm really fed up with it.

Any thought, tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome! Seems like a great plan, although for your gender and starting weight, 1500 might be a little low. I started at 180, and have been eating around 1500 every day, and am consistently losing over 2 pounds a week. I was working out pretty consistently the first couple weeks, but have not been recently, but I am still losing (lost 2.4 this week!).

The late night snacking is a tough one, but I found I broke the habit within a week. I wasn't too bad about it though. I do leave enough room to have 1-2 cups of hot tea with half-and-half and sugar in it at night, and that keeps me satisfied. I don't do fat free or artificial sweeteners. Sometimes I have enough room in my calories allotment for popcorn or something like that!

I find it is liberating to count calories -- you make much smarter decisions about your food (like: is it really worth 500 calories, or whatever). I don't really snack much, because I am always hoarding my calories for my meals! Before, when I would try to lose weight, I really did not know how much I was eating, and would get frustrated when I plateaued, and end up gaining it back. Now, I have all the information at my fingertips, and I can adjust it as needed. I am down to 169 (on my way to 135), and I know I will have to get serious soon about exercise and weight lifting if I want to keep losing.

Good luck!
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Hi Natalie

Thanks very much for the reply and congratulations on you progress so far.

I seem to be alright at sticking to something for a few days but I seem to be always looking for another task to occupy me.

I'm hoping being on here and being shamed if I don't do well will spur me on.

I've joined here earlier in the week however I've just stuffed my face all week so am officially starting my diet today and will weigh in tomorrow.

Fingers crossed
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Welcome!!! How is Kettle Ball training? Do you like it? DO you do it at home or at the gym? Just wondering about it
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Hi Jenna

KettleBell training is really good.

Looked a bit wimpy for a man to be doing it as the plan I do is like aerobics with the extra weight.

I've missed it for a few weeks now but when I started, in the first 10 days (5 workouts) I hadn't lost any weight but my clothes were fitting better/looser.

Also my fitness increase, and still has as a result.

I use a 10lb Kettlebell which makes me perspire a treat. I do it at home with an exercise mat. The core training is really tough but the more you do it the better and easier it is.

I use Kettleworx which was about £100 for two sized kettlebells and 9 DVD's. Well worth the money and only takes 20-30 minutes 3 times a week/every other day.

My mum has started to use it but she has less motivation than me but she does enjoy it and feels the good burn too.

I'm doing some as soon as I get in from work and will do another set on sunday after golf but will stick to it for a long time now.

Once the 6 week programme is up you can just repeat it and see hoe much easier it is with the same weight or increase the weight you use.

Hope this helps but if you have any questions then i'm happy to try and advise, I've studied alot into kettlebells online and with books and they are the future!!!
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Make sure you get enough protein ( I try to keep mine at 30% of calories) or you will lose muscle along with the fat. Find alternatives to your 'crap' snack foods. Carrot sticks, celery, apples are all good alternatives. Some others on the forums like to include a sugar free pudding cup in the evening. Makes them feel like they are still indulging. Don't try to eliminate all the fat from your diet. Not only is it necessary for nutrient transfer and nueral function but it has also been shown to have a satiating effect on hunger. I eat about 10 unroasted almonds as a snack when I experience cravings. I believe the healthy fat helps satisfy my hunger. (Don't over do it because they are high in calories.)

I also believe in limiting your intake of simple carbohydrates (white bread, sugar, etc..). Whatever your plan you need to be comfortable with it long term. I prefer to approach this as a long term lifestyle change instead of just a short term diet.

Post your stats in your signature to help keep you accountable.

Good luck on your journey.
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Default Daily activities

I wish that I could customize my daily activities when I go to the gym and record them here cuz I know I burnt about 85 calories in 13 min on the treadmill for going .78miles. that is some I wish I could especially when it says I only burnt 65 on here. is offline  
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Hi Just wanted to wish you every success in your healthy eating. I too joined today and hopefully this time I will be successful. If you eat something you shouldn't dont beat yourself up over it just start fresh the next day >> Best of luck.... Susan from Nova Scotia Canada
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Thanks for the responses.

I've had a tough couple of days with work and not been as well behaved diet and exercise wise as I should have been.

Watching football today and fear I may sink a couple of beers BUT I'm playing golf sunday, the weathers supposed to be nice so can do some road running and so I'll be nice to myself and start from sunday! Then there will be no excuses.

Fingers crossed!!!!
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