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i am new to site and was wondering if any one has some tips for me i am about 5'5 weight about 155 and i HATE to exercise however i am joining the gym TOMORROW however i will 30 in November and i want to get back down to what i normally weigh around 120-125... just was wondering what time of workouts i should so how many what kinds and all... aslo any suggestions for foods what to eat and not to eat i must admit my downfall is SODA i love mountain dew its like i have to have it!!!! i know i will have to let this go so any information will be GREAT thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!
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My brother switched from regular coke to diet coke and shed 15 pounds in a month. But it would probably be better to make improvements in your diet, like eliminate white foods (white sugar, white flour, white potatoes etc etc), stick to whole grains when you eat grains, buy fresh fruits and veggies and use them as snacks rather than whatever is in the vending machine...

I guess if you HATE to workout, I would recommend you look for other ways to get yourself moving, like maybe a yoga class, salsa dancing, rock climbing etc etc, something fun that doesn't feel like exercise. I've discovered that I really like to walk, it doesn't feel like exercise to me, so I never mind going.
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I do 45 minutes to an hour of moderate intensity cardio a day (bike and treadmill (varying amounts of time on each)) and lift weights 3 days a week.

About 60 minutes a day on 4-5 days/week seem to be recommended by the American Council for Exercise and the American Council for Sports Medicine for weight loss. Although, IMO, "some" is better then none if you can't hit this mark for some reason - you'll work up to it quickly if you are otherwise healthy.

Do some strength training. IMO, it is at least as important as the cardio for weight loss and long-term maintenance.

Yeah, cut the soda - or at least switch to a diet version. There are a lot of more healthy options that you may like. Some have artificial sweetners which some people avoid. But other's don't. I switched from soda to LaCroix flavored water from Walmart (it's a bit bitter to some, but I like that) and Metromint water from Whole Foods - they are both unsweetened (even though I don't avoid artificial sweetners personally). Basic water (tap or bottled) and unsweetened teas (there are some REALLY good teas available now - I like this one: Mighty Leaf Tea Chocolate Mint Truffle Herbal Tea, 15-Count Whole Leaf Pouches (Pack of 3): Amazon.com: Grocery & Gourmet Food) are also good options.

Basically, other then cutting out the soda (which is probably a huge portion of it - everything else being equal, adding 2 cans of soda a day is like a new pound every 2 weeks), I'd just focus on portion control and avoiding simple carbs. Many people tend to really underestimate the size of their portions (i.e., 1 portion of pizza is 1 slice, not 1 pizza). I'd also try to cut out the simple carbs. (i.e., skip the potato chips, white bread, white rice, donuts, etc ) And replace them with complex carbs - most vegetables, whole grains, etc. and lean protein. Track your food in your food diary and watch your calorie balance. This should work. If it doesn't - there are more drastic diets that you can do.

Good Luck!
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I agree with the previous posters. Exercise, track your calories and restrict simple carbohydrates (sugar, white bread, regular pasta...).

I was also drinking 3 to 4 Cokes daily when I began. It was one of the first things I let go of. I decided I wasn't going to drink my calories anymore. I first had to wean myself of the soda. At first I just allowed myself one a day. Now water is my beverage of choice. I drink some coffee with artificial sweetner in the morning and I will drink a glass of milk occasionally.

Check out the Exercise forum for more exercise ideas and also look at Bodybuilding.com for beginner workouts and lots of other exercise ideas.
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My best fat loss happened a few years ago and I exclusively did only weight training, pushing and pulling VERY heavy weights and just trying to increase my strength. Zero dedicated cardio, aside from weekend hikes with my family or other random activities, i.e. pickup football with my roommates. I got down from a "college-pudge" of 175lbs back to hovering around 160-165 within a few months. The raw weight loss took only a month, but after that I stayed at the same weight, just shifting fat weight to muscle weight (so I got skinnier in the process without my scale weight changing).

I hate cardio, and found that I could stick to weight training because I had, and still have, a real good time doing it. Long story short, find something to do that you find fun, because you will stick with it in the long term. And don't feel ashamed or embarrassed if you end up finding an exercise activity fun. Nobody's going to judge you for it.
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