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Inkiri 11-02-2015 01:47 PM

Start weight: 174.5 (9/2/15) Current weight: 153.2 (11/2/15) Goal weight: 135 (hopefully by 2/1/2016)

I've been taking doctor-prescribed Phentermine since Labor Day 2015. It's not a magic skinny pill. I still have to do the real work of portion control, exercise, and good choices. What phentermine's done is break my constant, uncontrollable, animal-like urge to EAT! EAT! EAT! Phen has given me my life back. I can spend an evening reading without horribly craving food. I can work without needing a snack for stress-relief. I can go out for dinner with friends and enjoy the conversation instead of demolishing the bread basket. I feel like a normal person for a change.

I know I can't stay on phentermine forever. I will gradually wean off it. I've developed healthy habits and awareness. I will weigh myself every single day forever, write down my foods in fitday, and walk 30 minutes a day. I will work diligently not to gain it all back.

cbarmore 11-09-2015 12:43 AM


Originally Posted by ninakretina (Post 20412)
I'm quite skeptical when it comes to diet pills or any "weight loss" supplement of those sorts, but I wonder if anyone takes any dietary pill and how has it worked for you. Right now I'm taking Alli which was prescribed by my doctor, but I'm considering to stop taking them because they work mostly if you have high fat intakes, which is something I'm avoiding with my diet. Besides some studies have shown that Alli may cause liver damage. I have a friend who lost 60 pounds by taking LipoFuze and never had side effects, seems tempting but as I said I'm skeptical. Any weight loss story regarding pills or supplements? :confused:

I also question whether a supplement works or not. It seems they all include some kind of diet with exercise. I have tried the Atkins and the Mediterranean with the low carbohydrate and high protein combination. It worked really well until I went to FL and treated myself to the strawberries and other in season fruits. I seemed to explode and was worse off than before I started! I since tried a diet supplement endorsed by good ole Dr Oz. It was the green coffee bean extract. It worked pretty good at first (I think) and then tapered off. I am now looking at and for another. What do you recommend? Thanks!

Inkiri 11-10-2015 02:00 PM

Have a look at Skinny Fiber. (Google it) It's supposed to make you feel fuller faster and is over-the-counter.

Allison1977z 11-16-2015 03:51 AM

Originally Posted by Gigit1977 (Post 92731)
Today is day 1 for me. I will be using Ephedrine 16mg twice a day which is legal in Canada. Already I notice a big drop in appetite, and Ephedrine can help you to burn an additional 80-150 calories per day by boosting the metabolism. I don't have jitters or nervousness, I feel just fine.

Do you try Coconut Oil To Lose Weight?:○

motivated1989 01-19-2016 07:36 PM

I've tried many different dietary pills throughout the years such as performix and hydroxycut which would help suppress my appetite and give me energy but I haven't had a chance to buy one in the past few months. I've been researching to find a healthy one that doesn't contain a lot of bad chemicals for your body. Has anyone found a good dietary supplement that burns fat and suppresses appetite?

Kathy13118 01-20-2016 03:21 AM

Ask your doctor.

insideout22 01-21-2016 05:52 PM

No Pills
Ive been against pills and really only eat healthy but I needed a kick start so I did the Home Detox Box, a 7 day clean up of my digestion system so that all my body functions at its optimum levels after the detox week. I re set my entire system and my hormone balances-d as a bonus, I was calmer and relaxed.
I did the DIY 7 day program and loved it. I was never hungry and have learnt so much about taking fiber, and clean eating. I totally lost my sugar addiction and felt amazing. I will do it again. It was so easy and I lost 5KG that's 11 LBS in just 7 days.
Please Dont take pills they really shreds your liver, this is so natural and works with your body's natural elimination system; it all passes via the colon and is super easy.
read about detoxing here.

motivated1989 01-25-2016 04:39 PM

I understand everyone's bad views of dietary supplements but why would it be such a huge industry where people use them a lot if they had no success with them? There are ones with bad ingredients and there are ones with good ingredients, it's all about knowing what you're putting in your body. I've been researching different ingredients and have heard so many great reviews about glucomannan. It makes your stomach feel full which won't make you keep wanting to eat and reduces the absorption of fat and protein. So there are some positive things with some dietary supplements. They may not be for everyone but I think dietary supplements are honestly a great help to change your lifestyle and help you lose the weight you need.

denise336 02-19-2016 11:05 AM

Originally Posted by julybean (Post 117159)
Hey everyone,
I have been using Phentermine for the past 4 weeks. I must say that I have had pretty much no problem with it. I've lost 16lbs almost effortlessly. It's a great pill. I'm eating healthy, limiting carbs, sugar, fat. At first phentermine gave me a big boost of energy and I was really wired, but now that I am exercising more I would say that it keeps my energy stable throughout the day. Generally speaking, I am very happy with my outcome so far from this product.
Good luck

Hi there,
I have used Reductil from and it has helped me in the reduction of my weight. This product is awesome for appetite control. It virtually took away my hunger. I would most definitely recommend this to anyone who has had trouble losing weight on normal diets because Reductil is the most successful thing I have done in regards to my weight loss.
Good luck !

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