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linusfuller 09-06-2010 09:57 PM

I'm always trying new things so try to lost this weight, but usually I will succeed for 2 to 5 days, then completely either screw it up or fail. Example, "feeling really satisfied after eating a turkey sandwich so amost all i will eat for a few days are turkey danwiches, then gradually increase the amount trying to get the same satiation, then gain weight." Things like that but in different forms. My weight is a scarey rollar coaster as is my appetite and I'm having a hard time. Someone have advice?

fletch8502 09-07-2010 12:25 PM

Congrats on trying and posting here when you get stuck, linus. You're doing the right things!

Maybe try looking at eating in a different light. Instead of thinking about going on (and inevitably off) a diet, think about making a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. That means you do the best you can all of the time, but it also means that if you have a piece of cake at a party, it's okay. You enjoy it, then continue with your healthy lifestyle the very next minute. Maybe you exercise a little more that day to make up for it.

I think the key is not depriving yourself and not using "all or nothing" thinking. Think about this: if you got a flat tire in your car, you wouldn't fix it by slashing the other three, would you? So should be the case with your healthy lifestyle. If you mess up and have too many calories or fat one day, you wouldn't fix it by eating terrible foods the next day, right? Get back to your healthy eating right away and keep on keepin on!

Maybe you need a little variety with what you're eating? Instead of turkey sandwiches over and over, try low fat cottage cheese with vegetables one day. Try a healthy nut butter sandwich with reduced sugar jelly. Try a salad with all the fresh produce you can find!

As for your appetite being a roller coaster, make sure you're getting enough fiber, protein, and healthy fats. If you're eating lots of simple carbs, that can make you more hungry. Also, try eating small meals or a snack every 3-4 hours so that you don't get too hungry and overeat.

Best of luck! You can do it!!!

rpmcduff 09-08-2010 03:49 PM

I agree with Fletch:

I want to expand on the 'healthy fats' Fletch touched on. I believe one of the primary factors leading to people failing at weight loss is the lack of sufficient fat in their diets. Fats have been shown to have a satiating effect on hunger. When you eliminate the healthy fats you also eliminate the trigger that used to turn off your hunger. (Turkey is like 99% fat free.)

Healthy fats like those found in Olive Oil, nuts and whole foods (yes even the saturated fats found in meat and dairy) if incorporated into your diet may help you eliminated the cravings. I personnaly use unroasted almonds to help quell my cravings. There is a whole post with good suggestions on how others deal with their cravings that you can search for.

Hope this helps.

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