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wolkenlaufer 04-06-2017 09:05 PM

Your Weight Loss "Day"?
How do you count the hours? For some reason, I have started mine going midnight to midnight. That is, keeping to my allowed number of calories.

Admittedly, it's not been easy. It's right now 5pm EST and I'm about 400 calories from my "limit". I catch myself looking at my bedside clock (if I'm awake) saying stuff like "Come onnnnnn, already 12 o'clock!!!":)

I have 47 pounds to lose to get to my desired weight of 200 by 12.10.17. Why 200? I don't really know. People tell me I looked emaciated when I was 190 once, so I just picked 200 arbitrarily, I suppose.

At 67, I do a lot of things arbitrarily.:D


Kathy13118 04-06-2017 09:57 PM

Why 12.10.17?

How are you sleeping? Are you getting a good number of hours - like 7, at least. That means that those calories get spread over 14 hours (you won't be facing decisions about calories while you sleep).

wolkenlaufer 04-06-2017 10:26 PM

Just an arbitrary date, Kathy. :)

To answer your question, though: I sleep poorly. Due to my wife's stroke, I am constantly in "En Garde" mode, and listen for her in case she needs me, so sleep in total, would equal about 4 hours with additional "naps" during the day. Her stroke is called "developmental" and even though it only affected her eyes, something could happen again anytime.

I have a blog at [email protected] where I used to write my memoirs. It pretty much tells the story, but haven't been able to get back to it in a number of months.

So why the weight loss, right? I treat my wife just like I did before she had her stroke. She's a very pretty lady, so even though I'm no Adonis she deserves better than a 263 pound blob and frankly, I can use the exercise. And that's not arbitrary. :)

Thanks for your reply


michealjones 05-18-2017 09:15 AM

It is good to see that you are working hard to get rid of fat but sleep is also an essential part of our healthy. losing weight is important but staying healthy is more important than it.

RobertHorner 06-30-2017 12:01 PM

I make sure I get at least 10 hrs, and I feel much better for it, ready to start a new day

Tommy W. 07-30-2017 06:02 PM

Your body doesn't have a 24 hour clock in it. If you eat at 12:01 a m just figure the caloris for the next day. Your more important caloie number is your weekly calories anyway. Add weekly, divide by 7 and this is your actual daily amount which takes in consideration days that are higher and lower than your target amount.

Amy732 08-24-2017 05:27 AM

It doesn't really matter when you eat or how you space out your meals, as long as you're consistently in a calorie deficit.

Sleep is so important in weight loss. Lack of sleep can affect your hormones and can increase hunger and sugar cravings. Sleep is also when your body repairs itself which is particularly important for those who exercise.

yying0303 09-07-2017 03:35 AM

It is said that staying up late will make people gain weight. It is good to see you are doing your best to control your weight,but sleeping is more important to your body. If you lack of the quality and length,you will fall ill easily. Please have a deep thought about that!~!

heliosmusic 09-15-2017 03:05 PM

monday ofc

solomon091 09-29-2017 05:52 PM

It is possible to lose weight by counting calorie but it's part of the overall approach. UOu need to listen to your body's hunger and satiety signals, especially since we don't have the same calorie needs every day. If you run five miles one day, you need more calories to fuel your body than if you sit on the couch watching football the next.

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