Carbs, carbs and more carbs

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Question Carbs, carbs and more carbs

Unfortunately, I have a slow metabolism. I crave carbs. But I'm only supposed to have 60% of carbs per day. Will having a higher % of carbs throughout the day, inhibit my weight loss ?
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Maybe it's just me, but what/who is telling you to eat 60% carbs?

I personally try to keep my carb intake at 40% (or at least under 50%) so your 60% sounds really high to me. I have a hard time imagining eating that many carbs a day!
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It is carbs that put the weight on. Have you thought of reading about the Atkins diet?
I eat a low carb diet because i found the more carbs i ate the hungrier i became, the more weight i put on.
A very good book is Living Low Carb by J.Bowden.
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Are you restricting your intake compared to what you should get to maintain your current weight? If so, I believe that 40% carbs is the maximum you should get. And the less refined sugars the better. I usually also make sure I have plenty of fibers in my diet, with the same tot calories you lose more weight if you have enough fibers.
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Just wanted to jump in and point out that this is a very individual thing. I lost at a pretty even pace and have maintained on anywhere between 50 - 60% carbs per day. They're all good carbs, fruit, vegetables, whole grains... Lowering carbs did not work for me and caused me to plateau (as well as feel like crap). I asked the doctor about it and she said that whatever I was doing I should keep doing, since my bloodwork numbers were fantastic.

What I would advise, though, is to experiment and change up the ratios. That's when you will find out what works for you. Keep really detailed notes on what you eat and how you lose (pounds as well as inches) and you should find something that you can stick with.
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I echo Cassie's comments. The basic equation is calories in-calories out = change in weight. The trick is choose "good" carbs, fruits, veggies, and when the "I need a potato chip" monster kicks in crunchy whole grain snacks. And do you best to avoid the sugary stuff and stuff made from white flour.

It, by the way, is all about learning what what works for you as Cassie says.
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I have to agree with the good carb folks. We have a summer garden and about to start my late summer/fall garden. I know we have some folks who live by the high protein thing. I understand some folks want to build muscle mass, but my goal to to go into my over 50 years eating the things that I feel helps with good nutrition and make my body healthy. I think the things our folks told us was "good for you" like fruits and veggies are good for you and my hope is that they will keep me above the dirt a few more years. I feel good for you, as close to "whole" as you can get foods + some good exercise is what has worked best for me. Don't take this wrong, I love steak and eggs way too much.
Good luck.
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