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Deanna0404 08-18-2010 07:19 PM

Any comments on diet frozen meals?
I really get tired of just vegetables and fruits and was wondering how everyone felt about the Lean Cuisines, Weight Watchers, etc.? Sometimes I want more flavor. Should I not be eating these, even if I am staying within my calorie range? And if I shouldn't eat those, any suggestions on some other foods?

Thank you! I just started two days ago at 224 pounds. I am 5'7" and looking to be around 160 pounds.

vsabino 08-18-2010 08:17 PM

I don't think they're necessarily bad. Just watch the sodium content, the carb or fat content if you're concerned about any of the two specifically. These frozen meals don't satiate enough in my opinion, but some days you come back from work really tired, they can save your diet and prevent an otherwise sure binge...
It's not just about nutritional factors, sometimes it's about psychology too... =)

Besides these ready-to-eat meals, you should find some spices or recipes that without adding too many calories give you flavor (it doesn't have to be grilled meat or steamed veggies every day!). For example I love curry and it has very few calories. Try marinating things, etc.

Good luck!

SailorDoom 08-19-2010 07:21 AM

Hi Deanna. I'm on the road a ton for work, often staying in hotels 5 nights a week. If I'm lucky they'll have a microwave and mini fridge in the room. If not, its either go out to eat every night (sounds like a treat until you have no choice) or use the microwave in the lobby (this can sometimes become an elaborate affair involving coolers, various tupperware and a trusty shaker of Mrs. Dash). I'm actually a motivated cook when I am at home and used to be incredibly grossed out by microwave dinners -- It's no better than space food, I thought. All those calories! All those preservatives! What would my mom think??? lol. I didn't even own a microwave until a year ago!

Anyway, I've started getting pretty creative with frozen entrees or combinations of sides and they're really not all that bad or bad for you. My faves are the Amy's brand stuff or the Kashi meals (super healthy!), but I'm usually limited to a rural grocery store or, more commonly, the Wal Mart grocery section for frozen stuff I can't keep in my plain ol' cooler. My current pick are the Lean Cuisine Market Creations meals (they're in a small bag that you nuke). They're not too bad and come in several boredom-fighting varieties. I usually grab one of those and a steamer bag of veggies (Birds Eye and various other brands make those) and eat as much of the veg as I want along with the meal. The Marie Callenders Pasta al Dente are really good too, but compare labels to make the best choices. Another option is frozen brown rice, which you can steam in the bag and combine with stir fry sauce and some veggies. There are lots of possibilities, but as mentioned before, not everything is what it seems -- compare the labels (especially calories and sodium) to make sure your choice is solid.

P.S. If saving $$ is a concern, I would recommend decreasing your intake premade/prepared foods -- it is way cheaper to make a few things at least partially from scratch and rely on frozen meals in a pinch than to eat them all the time. You're less likely to get bored and more likely to stick with it longer (ideally forever -- this isn't just a temporary diet, right?). Plus you get the added benefit of knowing exactly what's in your food, which gives you more "editorial privilige", i.e. the ability to make changes as needed. Just my two cents...

Deanna0404 08-19-2010 03:18 PM

Thank you for all your input. I am already getting tired of the things i have been eating, and it's only been four days. I am very weak also. Don't know what can be done about that. I have to do alot more research to figure out what's best for me.
Low fat and/or calorie recipes seem to have alot of ingredients that I dont currently have, which means more money spent on those items and then what if I never use them again? Spices can get very costly.
So anyway, thank you for all your advice. I will put it all to good use!
I have to stick to this this time - this is the biggest I have been and it disgusts me.

vsabino 08-19-2010 03:37 PM

I get spices in chinese food stores, believe it or not. They cost about 10 times less than in regular stores! As for frozen meals, the weight watchers ones are really tasty!
What do you mean that you are very weak? You mean in terms of not braking the diet or in terms of your body?

Deanna0404 08-19-2010 04:01 PM

In terms of my body - I need some kind of energy booster.

rpmcduff 08-19-2010 04:09 PM

For me keeping my protein intake up (30% fo my daily calories) and my simple carbs low helps me have more energy. Recently I was at my son's house helping him with some car work. He ordered us pizza for lunch. It just seemed to drain me (carb crash?). I ate a protein bar and was able to perk back up. I seem to be able to eat as much fresh vegetables as I want and don't have any problems with energy.

Deanna0404 08-19-2010 04:35 PM

I need to do something to get my protein intake higher. Maybe I should try the protein bars - I'm just not that much of a meat eater. I do like eggs though. It just seems so hard to keep the calorie intake down and eat throughout the day. I am struggling with that - I seem to be eating alot of fruit and there's no protein there.

I will get this all together sooner or later :)

elljak 08-19-2010 07:55 PM

Diet meals are OK once in a while as a standby, but for me - there isn't enough in them, and they are expensive :( -
Cook your own, experiment with herbs and spices to strengthen flavours, cook more than you need and freeze some so there is a quick healthy meal available to you. Cook your favourite meals and find substitutes for the parts or ingredients that are high in fat and fill up on veggies - your own meals are better for you, easier to track (because there are no added undesirables) and there is more of it for the price and for the calories :D

elljak 08-19-2010 07:58 PM

Five or six small meals a day with protein of some description in each - keeps your sugar levels balanced and your energy levels up :)

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