Help! I ate too much yesterday!

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Thumbs down Help! I ate too much yesterday!

I need some suggestions and some help to continue on...
Yesterday I had to go out for a dinner and I overate... Plus I returned home and I kept eating !! Not a huge amount of calories but I was getting 1000 cal a day and I got probably 2500 yesterday.
I feel soooooo guilty!!! Any suggestions to remedy? The few ones I'm thinking is go running right away and drink a lake of water. Anything else??
Thanks for the support, I love this forum
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Dont worry. Everyone's done that before but I've learned that the biggest mistake you can make is stressing out over it because stress causes more over-eating. Plus, your very low calorie diet may have attributed to that due to your body going into survival mode and aking an opportunity to store those extra energies (calories). Relax, take a deep breath, your one slip up won't have hardly effect at all if it has any. Your body will mostly likely just burn it off since normal body weight upkeep is 2,000 calories anyways.
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I try not to stress too much. While it is important to focus on daily goals you also have to keep in mind any type of weight loss program is generally spread out over a long period. Do I mess up every now and then? Definitely. Do I give myself a stern lecture and kick myself? Of course. But I also keep my long term goals in mind and start fresh with the next meal or the next day or in the case of vacation, the next week. If you are on a tight schedule then increase your caloric deficit over the next week to compensate. The important thing is to pick yourself back up and keep on working toward your goals.
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Default Don't Panic!

I completely understand where you're coming from. I came back from 5 days at the beach during which I ate like there was no tomorrow and was five pounds heavier as of last Monday when I weighed in But now it is 10 days later and four of those five pounds are gone. So, first thing is to keep in mind that whatever the scale says over the next couple days is likely not all fat gain, but water and other yukkies that come with eating food you don't normally eat. Get back on a clean eating schedule and do your exercise; drink a lot, like you said, and tell yourself that you goofed, but move on. Don't let it be an excuse to go off the track.

If you look at the numbers, you may see that you didn't do all that much damage to begin with. I tried to access your food log with the link but it came up blank . Anyway, how many calories did you burn yesterday? How many did you eat? And, how much over were you? You could try making up that excess by having a deficit over the rest of the days of the week, rather than trying to make it up all at once today.

Another thing...related to linusfuller's post: yes, everyone is different and all bodies react differently, but 1000 calories a day seems low. It does work for some folks; are you very petite or postmenopausal? Just keep in mind that the longer you maintain calories that low, the longer you are "training" your body to adapt to that level of calories, and who wants 1000 calories a day for the rest of their life? I really believe that calorie cycling (zig zag) is helpful because it keeps your metabolism guessing. If having 1000 a day works for you, great; but also be aware that it could backfire over time by slowing your metabolism down. That could be really important when you have slip up days...if your body is "used to" higher calorie fluctuations to begin with, it won't hoard the calories it gets on a bingey day.

Last but not least, you did great by coming on here and posting. This might be a good time to journal some thoughts about what happened, make a plan for next time, and forgive yourself and move on. Getting over the mental hurdle is sometimes harder than getting off the few ounces you might have ultimately gained. Good luck; eat well, exercise, and you will see over time that you really didn't do all that much damage in a night .
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Default Addendum...

Hey v...I just saw your post on the other thread about supposed to eat 2150 w/no exercise. So if you ate 2500 yesterday and didn't exercise, that's 350 measly calories...a mere tenth of a pound. You can make those up easily and it's definitely not cause to go into a tailspin. Essentially, you had a maintenance day, instead of losing. Sometimes looking at the numbers puts things into perspective.
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I can't thank you guys enough for being so supportive...
For all of us who are trying so hard to lose weight (and its pretty much all we care about right now) and have tried for so much time with no results (except gaining more weight), going off track one day is a big deal. I can talk for mebut I think there are many people in the same boat, I get really emotional about my eating/not eating (part of the disease I guess!!).

But thanks for helping me put things into perspective, guiltiness was killing me! I'll do my best over the next week to go back to my weight loss speed.

Re: 1000 cal/day, I don't feel particularly hungry because I make 4 small meals/snacks during the day and then a 500-cal meal at night. I'm 32 yr old and 5'4". Since I don't move much (although I'm trying to begin) to lose 2 lb a week I have to eat about 950 cal less than what I am supposed to, which brings me to 1150-1200. I know it slows down my metabolism but if I eat >1200 cal/day I just don't lose anything.

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Hi V,
I'm glad you posted here too... that was the best thing to do when you're feeling guilty. Everyone in this community is so supportive, and has such good advice & experiences to share.

The main thing to remember is that this is a lifestyle change for you. One of the things I keep reminding myself everyday is that while I may have a 'goal date' (which I think is great to set goals), I don't have a deadline.

What I mean is, I am not pressuring myself to lose weight quickly, nor will I feel bad for a single lapse in judgement. I plan to review/journal when I do mess up -- which is going to happen, I know this, as no one can be perfect all the time -- and then refocus on my 'lifestyle change'.

Don't let a 'lapse' turn in to a 're-lapse'. Where you eat badly at one meal, or even for a series of days, and then let other bad habits creep in -- like not logging your food, or not weighing yourself. You have to nip it in the bud.

You can & will do this! =) Keep up the good work, and keep posting here for support and supporting others.

Take care,
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Its actually good to have a day once in a while where you eat at a maintenance level intake. Its like a mini reward for your hard work.
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