How much have you lost?

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wow thats amazing!!! congradulations!!
i used to be quite tiny but i discovered even i put on weight if i didnt watch what i ate! iv currently lost 28lbs, which is less than i started off as.
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three pounds, three weeks. I feel like the slow tortoise, but I'll just keep on plodding this pace I WILL lose 50 pounds this week, as long as I stay focused. One day at a time....
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I dropped from 270 to 249 pounds since mid November. It was tough during the holidays and cold weather, but with improved conditioning I have ramped up my exercise from 1.6 miles of jogging/sprinting/walking to 4.8 miles a day. I am also doing high rep weight lifting at home. The foods tool is really helping me count my calories.
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So far I have dropped 3.5 lbs! Yeah, not much BUT I started this a little less then a week ago... so YAY!
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I started at 175 and am currently 167, so I am down 8 pounds with 17 more to go to reach my first goal. I have been doing this for 3 weeks, so it has been slow but I haven't started exercising yet.
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Originally Posted by mmuller34 View Post
Hey Everyone!!!! I just started this biggest loser competion last week with 23 other friends of mine last week. We all put in 100$ and the first place winner takes all!!!! So I just started on the second week of a 12 week contest and have dropped 10lbs. I'm looking for another 4 in week 2 wish me luck!!!
"$2300.00" Wow! Now that's some good motivation....Good Luck mmuller! Looking forward to congratulating you when you win.
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