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steve7876 10-03-2016 10:18 AM

Why Do People Fail to Successfully Lose Weight?
Quite a few people have had some success at losing some weight but find it difficult to see it all the way through to the end.
I have a few theories about why people fail to reach their target goal weight or fail to keep it off.
But my weight journey's story is that I've only ever attempted to lose weight the one time so I'll love to hear the insider's view.
Why is it people fail to successfully lose weight?
What do you believe caused past attempts to fail?
Please share your beliefs and experiences so that we can gain insight. 8)

Kathy13118 10-03-2016 03:35 PM

IMO, many people have sedentary jobs. There is less need to walk and it is easier to drive. In addition, there is such an array of affordable food that suits so many tastes!

xFionax 10-20-2016 11:29 AM

I think the most common reason (or one of them) is that weight is lost too quickly with faddy diets and trying to do way too much way too soon.

You simply can't look at it as a "diet", you have to see it as a lifestyle change and make sure whatever changes you are making are ones you are happy to do for the rest of your life!

I also don't believe that the words "cheat day" or cheat meal" should exist, as for me that instills guilt from the get go. It's ok to have an occasional treat, and it's ok to have a day off.

Lastly, but not least, i don't look at my end goal, i make little mini goals that are reasonable and don't seem impossible when i'm having a bad day!!

genie2343 12-02-2016 05:45 AM

I too had a difficult time in maintaining consistency in loosing my weight. For once the numbers will fall but I used to gain it back in some time. It was because I used to starve much in for loosing and when I used to eat my body just sucked every bit of calorie it could get. Also exercise intervals used to vary.
8 Unhealthy Ways To Lose Weight Fast I found this while surfing and was a good info.

roseerick 12-05-2016 02:54 AM

Originally Posted by Kathy13118 (Post 122909)
IMO, many people have sedentary jobs. There is less need to walk and it is easier to drive. In addition, there is such an array of affordable food that suits so many tastes!

This is basically my reason though I really try to workout every now and then but its not really that effective.

livfit08 12-07-2016 12:35 PM

Jobs, busy schedules, children, technology... it can be tough to squeeze in time and dedication for workouts as we get old. Determination, the will to succeed, and focus are the keys.

einstien 12-08-2016 10:47 PM

I lose weight on diets but it creeps back up. I have gotten older and need less calories and working out is more difficult. I try to focus more on the healthy eating and use the nutrition section of fitday to challenge myself to eat my daily requirements. My motto is:
I might fail to reach my goal each time I try, but I'm not a failure until I quit trying.

Ruvvoy 12-13-2016 04:57 PM

Urban lifestyle and artificial food over-abundance is unsuitable for our species. You have to live with moderate scarcity and suffering to avoid having it too good. And this, in turn, is contrary to the obsession with happiness. Contentment and acceptance of suffering is not an easy skill to master, and so is control over one's emotions. Hence, the continuing weight gain as you age and the absence of lean periods accumulates. The more junk you allow to get into your body and your soul, the faster it happens.

Also, most people do not know how to eat, and substitute artificial mathematical constructs and absurd restrictions for a collaboration with one's body and patience, and then they demand results from it on schedule because they checked off some arbitrary checklists, and got numbers to back them up.

Dot-Diet 01-30-2017 12:11 PM

Work, laziness, many factors lead to some people failed to lose weight, but regularity in the weight-loss plan is the way to succeed

Sid.R 02-10-2017 12:03 PM

sedentary job is main reason sitting for nearly 8 hours in front of computer every day so join a gym & stick to going 5 times a week.
Join one that has swimming pool Sauna etc as you can have a relaxing day sitting in Jacuzzi after your swim/workout and it works as in 3 months i have lost 7Kg / 1.1 stone
this is mostly through swimming and cycling and i don't try to beat anyone just steady pace & relax also changed my eating habits & try to cut out all soft drinks & beers

i do have odd beer or can of coke - as a treat.

I asked my partner to join me in Gym and its great as we now go out every day & spend lot of free time together & shes got very fit too so definitely all positive for our relationship as well.

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