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Madness about weight loss


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Default Madness about weight loss

This idea of weight loss has got to my head, I have been constantly thinking about it. Every conversation I have with anybody is about weight loss. It make it worse, I am only adding more weight and not losing any.

Does anybody have any solution to fix my madness?
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Look at time management tools. I don't know how much you have to accomplish every day. Sometimes, people can think about a health problem or weight loss less often when they fill their day with distractions. Set some good weight loss habits in place and get very very busy! At some point, you will be too busy to think about weight.
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Try to remember that weight is just one benchmark in terms of total fitness. Limit your weigh in to one day a week at about the same time. Your weight can fluctuate up to 5 lbs in any direction depending upon what time of day it is, whether you've been sleeping and what times of day you normally eat and use the bathroom. If you always weigh in the same day each week at about the same time of day, and just in your underwear, this will keep your weight from bouncing around so much and causing you stress.

I typically weigh about 5:30 am on a Monday, because that's when I'm in my bathroom getting ready for work.

Also get a digital scale and always just use that one to weigh on. Different scales will give you different weights and depending upon how often they are calibrated- Heck who knows if some people ever calibrate them? - They will show different. The one at my doctor's office weighs me about 9 lbs heavier than my digital scale at home so I just ignore that one in terms of tracking my weight for fitness purposes.

Guess what? it still fluctuates! Nothing to worry about because your weight is just going to do that. What you are looking for is a trend that you can follow over the course of weeks or months. If you are 201lb today, 206 lb tomorrow and 203 lb the day after that it's going to be confusing, but if you look over the course of 3 months, you might end up seeing a downward trend, if you've been keeping with your goals. If you aren't keeping with your goals and you know it, then you already know what you need to do and you should just do it.
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