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enderloseweight 05-04-2016 01:34 AM

My Keto Results
So I have been doing a ketogenic diet since my doctor referred me to a surgeon for bariatric surgery(sorry that ain't happenin). I thought I would post my results now 40 days in, in case anyone is curious.

What sparked wanting me to do this is that after just 40 days I have dropped 3 pants sizes. I went to get new pants yesterday, knew I had lost weight so I went for a size smaller. Tried them on, too big. So I got the next size down and went home. Tried those on and I can put them on and off without unbuttoning them. So I was absolutely elated of course!

So I track my weight every day and here are my results.

342 341.3 338.2 336.2 334.7 335.5 333.6 332.5 331.1 331.6 330.2 329.4 332.2 331.1 330 327.6 326.3 323.9 324.1 323 323.2 321.7 320.5 320.8 320.4 319.4 320.5 321.9 319.4 318.4 319.2 319.7 317.5 319.4 316.4 317.5 318.2 316.6
315.9 314.6

Basically I eat about 1800 calories a day of very satieting foods. Walk about 3 miles a day. Kepp in a decent amount of water and electrolytes, and eat only in a 4 hour window each day(this part actually started happening naturally about 3 weeks in). I feel great

gran2ef 07-07-2017 03:07 AM

congratulations forget the naysayers that don't understand the difference between Ketosis and Ketoacidosis. What are your Macros?
Are you still loosing ?

melmohall 07-10-2017 02:33 PM

What a great loss! I am 177 and can barely walk one mile 3 times per week. I need to up my game. Good luck to you and keep going!!!

Tommy W. 07-30-2017 04:49 PM

Good job just understand that the loss is from a sustained calorie deficit and not the KETO itself

DDYates 08-23-2017 04:12 AM

Amazing Results!

Amy732 08-25-2017 02:58 AM

That's incredible! A "keto" based diet is a great way to lose weight when done properly. This is usually due to the high fat/protein which keeps people far more satisfied than most diets do. If it is making you feel good and you have plenty of energy, then keep it up!

solomon091 09-29-2017 05:54 PM

Keto is superb. I haven't done a significant fast, but pre-keto, I used to be ravenous if I went more than a few hours without eating. On a regular weight loss diet, I was eating 3 meals, and 3 snacks a day.

On keto, I rarely have any snacks, just the 3 meals a day and I don't feel hungry. I remember at work on a Friday didn't bring any lunch. It got really crazy at work, we were all flat out, and nobody could go get lunch. Everybody else was complaining about how hungry they were, and I was just fine,and didn't even feel like eating supper... Until I had that first bite of roasted chicken... At which point the hunger came roaring back. lol

anniejohnson04 12-26-2017 09:02 AM

For athletes and fitness freaks keto diet is more effective to stay in shape. Food items such as fatty nuts, avocado, whole eggs, full-fat cheese, beef, olive oil and fatty fish together make your tummy and your pantry both full.

GMosley12 12-29-2017 12:00 PM

Keto diet is really very helpful in losing weight.

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