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clairelv 07-08-2015 08:30 AM

acquire a good habit of eating
if one really want to lose weight and get a healthy life style .do not think to lose as fast as possible never ,it definitely wouldn't be healthy and will gain back very soon . so you need to begin from your daily life .you at least need two scales .one weight you and another weight your food . both of them are very important . even the food scale is more important . it will help you to acquire a good habit of eating . then you will get a kind of healthy life style as well .eat right food with right quantity at right time . i measured my food more than a month and i learned how to count it by my eyes .so now i do not measure food every time . but when you want to cook for your whole family . measure it before cooking and tell your family do not eat too much especially to your kids . step by step they will know how to control their appetite. and you can show the total food to your kids before cook and tell them these are enough nutrition for them if they eat more ,they will gain weight ! i use this way to help my son control his weight . it works .but you need to keep doing that at least for months .

no things is easy . so does losing weight . but it will be done when you got a right way and continue to do it .

my food scale is great and accurate , cute! my son even looks it as a toy and always want to measure something with it ! "Carelove" is the brand on amazon . good luck !

AlbertRogers1 07-22-2015 07:31 PM

I am very slim. I eat few :(

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