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ismail7 01-01-2015 12:53 PM

How To Lose Weight in 2015 And Keep It Off!
If you're sick of failing at that oh-so-familiar New Year's resolution of losing weight and managing to keep it off, you need a helping hand. Losing weight IS difficult and those that have managed it (even if only briefly) should be rewarded with a MASSIVE big high-five! Well done to you!

If you've managed to lose weight before, it's not a matter of being able to actually lose it that you seem to be having a problem with - it's keeping it off that you can't control and there is normally one big reason why this would happen...

It's because you return back to 'regular' eating patterns!

It's all very good and well browsing endlessly through the internet looking for the latest weight loss techniques and diets that will help you to lose a whole bunch of pounds in just a few weeks, but the reality of the situation is that these diets don't really work as you would expect them to.

Yes, you probably will lose fifteen pounds in two weeks by fasting for five days out of seven but are you going to be keeping this fasting going on forever? Are you planning on having a 'normal' diet with 'normal' foods again? When you go back to that, your body grabs all the calories that it can and safely deposits them into your increasing fat reserves, firstly because you've confused it and it never knows when you're going to be feeding it again soon, and secondly because it needs all the help it can get. You've just starved it of most of the things it needs in order to be fit and healthy.......more
How To Lose Weight in 2015 And Keep It Off!

zapata99 01-05-2015 10:44 AM

u must watch your consummation of calories and practice sport for increase this last.

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