18 and obese.

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Talking 18 and obese.

Iím looking forward at a journey that seems impossible. I start that journey today.

I weigh 166 lbs which is obese for my petite 4í11 frame. For my height a healthy weight range is between 91-128 lbs. Since I am naturally curvy I have set my goal for 115 lbs. I am 18 years old, and ashamed that I have neglected my body so early on in my life. I expect so much for it, and donít give it anything in return. I am determined and motivated to become healthy again. It would have been so much easier to control myself, then what itís going to take to get back on track. I am fully taking responsibility for my flaws and working hard to achieve my goals.

Some on the things I have to work on are creating a routine, with my eating habits and exercising. Controlling how much I consume, resisting temptations such as fast foods and junk food. Cutting out the late night eating, which results in late nights in general. Making a regular exercise plan, and healthy diet plan.

I do find when I work out I put on muscle weight, which I am trying to avoid so if you have any advice I would very much appreciate it. Or any advice would be welcomed, from high energy foods with low carbs to a decent sports bra brand!

I want to thank you for reading, and if you post another thank you in advance. I find it 100 times easier with people behind be then going in alone.

Iím Amber btw, with 51 lbs to lose.
Wish my luck
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Hi Amber,

I'm Nik.

I find it really admirable that you're taking charge of your health before things get out of hand. You'll find a lot of support on this forum because everyone's in this together, and everyone wants to see you succeed. Welcome to the club.

My only comment right now is ... don't be afraid of the muscle. First of all, although genetics do play some role, girls don't tend to bulk up in the way that guys do. If you're not used to having muscle, it might feel that way at first, but you need that muscle to burn more fat. If it helps, think of it as a temporary tool to get your fat loss going. I guess an analogy would be more helpful:

When contractors are building a "healthy" high-rise, they don't build one floor, then run up the stairs to build the next floor, then run up two flights of stairs to build the next floor, and so on. Why? It's needlessly difficult and inefficient, and increases the chances of giving up on the project. So they build scaffolding around the outside with an elevator that goes up and down, building up each floor quickly and solidly, and at the end they take down the scaffolding and you have a nice building.

So your building muscle is sort of the "scaffolding" for accelerating fat loss. Then when you are nearing your goal, and you still feel you're too muscley, you could reduce your workout frequency a little and some of that muscle will go away. But, it will have helped you gotten to that point faster.

Good luck!
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Oh, Amber sweetheart, your post just melted my heart! You have such a great attitude and are being so honest with yourself...two things that will help you succeed. Congratulations on making the decision to change your body and your life!

I agree with what Nik said above about muscle. Great advice. Go with the changes you mentioned above, log everything you're eating and drinking, and hit cardio hard! Walking, swimming, dancing, sports...whatever you enjoy, do lots of it! The good thing about being young is that you'll kick your metabolism into high gear in no time, and the pounds will probably fall off. =)

Best of luck! Keep us posted and let us know if you need support!
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Welcome Amber... I wish at your age I'd have had as much sense as you do. Took me 44 years. Good for you. 51 pounds is very attainable. Use all the tools available to you as well as the forums (a lot of supportive, knowledgable people) and don't forget to take periodic pictures, they can really keep you focused when you need it most.

Good luck, keep posting.
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I am proud of you for your decision. I started a diet back in January 2006. My starting weight was 363!/2 pounds. I lost down to 202. I had some tragic things happen in my life which started me back on the gaining process. I made a decision today to get back on track. This website is the best I have found. I used it faithfully during my weightloss process. It takes planning and committment. You can't diet without planning what you are going to eat. I have learned this from experience. I want you to keep this in your head. " NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS BEING THIN FEELS" Just remember I am proud of you and you can do it.........
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I agree with tandoorichicken; Don't be afraid of the muscle!!! Visit Bodybuilding.com and look at the Transformation of the Week Women's' archive. You are sure to find a success story that you can relate to. You will find that resistance training is a common thread that allowed these women to succeed and they are do not lack feminimity.
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I am so moved that I have recieved so much support. Thank you all for all your kind comments, advice and for sharing your own personal stories. I am sad to report to you that the first two weeks did not go as planned. I just started my third week, and am pulling hard to stay motivated. I'm on day 2 of this week and have not cheated once, and have done my full workout both days.

My story of being a failure.
When I started this weight loss mission, I weighed 166 lbs with a goal to lose 51 lbs. I tried hard to limit what I ate but had my binges and managed to gain 4 lbs! I was shoked, 170 being my peak weight. You know something though? I don't regret that extra 4 lbs, because it really gave me that boost I needed.

I'm glad to report to you that I am back on track! Pactice makes perfect right?

Until next time,
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Yes practice makes perfect, well maybe not perfect, but practice certainly makes it easier to stay on track. Good luck. I personally had a very rough weekend calorie-wise, so now I have to find that track again myself.
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Don't lose heart over a couple of bad weeks. This is something that's going to take some time - there will be ups and downs throughout the entire process. You did the right thing by stopping, reassessing and re-motivating. Your goal is completely attainable. We're all here cheering for you and are more than happy to lend whatever support or advice we can. Message boards are a wonderful resource. Check in regularly for a little boost and some wonderful tips and tricks!
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